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J & J Studios has an exciting new prospect for local food businesses. We’re offering a subscription service for an hour of photography coverage and 100 images per month for restaurants and other food businesses near Lafayette Hill, PA. Read on for more details about this affordable new food business photography subscription service!

Lafayette Hill Restaurant Photography

Pricing and What’s Included

This new and unique subscription service allows J & J Studios to provide an hour of photography coverage per month within your Lafayette Hill, PA area business. You’ll receive 100 images from this photography session for you to use as you see fit. You could use the images in print products or digitally. For example, you could use them in social media posts. The price of this new service is $300 per month, or $3,000 per year for 12 photoshoots!

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Will this Disturb my Lafayette Hill Business or Customers?

During this hour of photography coverage, J & J Studios will not disturb your regular, everyday business. So, this means you won’t be required to shut down your business for a few hours to make time and space for things like extensive lighting gear. J & J Studios can photograph during the busiest service hours without disturbing your staff or clientele. Providing photography coverage during these times means we can get organic shots of customers having a lovely time while at your business.

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Your customers could be laughing at a joke, blowing out birthday candles, or simply enjoying a delicious meal. J & J Studios can photograph food moments before it goes out to the customer. This produces photographs of your freshest, hottest, most scrumptious food without delaying its delivery to your customers. It truly is the best of both worlds! You get pictures of your real food, without disturbing you or delaying its delivery to your customers.

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Other Included Services

J & J Studios doesn’t include only interior photos of your wonderful products and stunning establishment with this subscription service. We also offer exterior photographs! We even have a licensed drone pilot on our staff. This pilot can capture aerial shots of the outside of your building and of your outdoor spaces. In addition to 100 images, your subscription includes a perpetual license to use those images on all social media platforms. 

Lafayette Hill Restaurant Photographer

Lafayette Hill Restaurant Photography

This unique and affordable subscription costs about the same as your daily cup of coffee does. However, you will receive so much more than a refreshing drink! J & J Studios’ food business photography subscription can be billed monthly or annually. It depends on your business’ individual needs. Perhaps you do need images for every month, or only for every quarter of the year. Or, you could even have a situation where you need two shoots for June and none for January. In that case, you could use January’s photoshoot for the second one in June, at no additional cost to you! 

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Use Your Food Business Photography Images

One hundred images per month is enough to post three social media posts per day. This gives you the ability to be present on your followers’ social media feeds and timelines multiple times a day, and therefore on their minds multiple times a day! The payments are automatically withdrawn monthly or annually. Billing depends on the type of subscription you select.

bar photography lafayette hill pafood business photography parestaurant photography lafayette hill paMarketing is essential for business, and social media has become a large part of marketing in the past few years. If you’re ready to up your game with professional quality images of your business, staff, and products, contact J & J Studios today! We’re excited to help you in building your business. We’d love to hear from you! 


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