Pregnancy is a magical time of life. It’s nine long months of expectation for the new life that will soon enter the world. Maternity photography sessions can be an excellent way to catalogue the wonder of this period in life. 

dramatic maternity session

Pregnancy isn’t just an exciting time for the pregnant mother; it’s an exciting time for her significant other and any other children as well. Maternity photography shoots are used to capture a moment in pregnancy, but they’re also used to capture a moment in a family’s life together, when they are about to add another member to their ranks.

maternity family portrait

The Mason family got dressed up for their Lafayette Hill, PA studio maternity session. Husband Will and son Brian, dressed in soft, muted color suits, while mom Jen wore a bright orchid purple dress. This allowed Will and Brian to be in the studio maternity photos, while also keeping the majority of the attention on Jen. 

This Lafayette Hill, PA maternity shoot with the Mason family evokes thoughts of tenderness and drama. Jen chose to include her husband, Will, and toddler son, Brian. We love this dramatic yet dreamy maternity photo of J & J Studios’ client Jen, with the sheet she’s wearing rising and billowing behind her. Our Lafayette Hill, PA photography studio is a private location for maternity photography sessions, among others.

The dreaminess continues with this photo, where Jen lay on the ground, with the translucent sheet snaking over her body as she cradled both her head and her baby bump. The white background not only lights up her beauty, but also brings forth thoughts of fluffy white clouds, or of clean, soft bedclothes, for an overall dreamy yet brightly lit quality. 

We love Jen’s confidence in these studio maternity photos! It’s easy to see her beauty and glow. 

J & J Studios enjoyed taking photos of Jen and little Brian during their Lafayette Hill PA maternity session. He’s enchanted by the bubbles – and we were enchanted by how adorable he is!

lafayette pa studio maternity toddler

This gorgeous picture harkens back to the first one where she’s lying wrapped in the translucent sheet. However, the lace Jen was wearing, coupled with the dainty way her hand is touching her face, adds a delicacy to this particular shot. 

maternity photo from above

Jen looks statuesque in this shot, almost as if she was a marble work of art that came to life. 

lafayette pa maternity photographer

We think this photo is so sweet! There’s so much love in this family. What a lucky little bundle of joy, to join this family when they’re born!

dad kissing son

These are our favorite shots from the Masons’ Lafayette Hill studio maternity photography session. We’re crazy about the tenderness and love between Will and Jen that is so evident in these photos! 

maternity photo session kiss man kiss maternity photo

If you’re interested in having your own maternity photography session, contact J & J Studios today! We’d love to be a part of this magical time of life for your growing family. We’re family- and kid-friendly, and can make you feel at ease in any situation or type of portrait. 


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