philly same sex photographer

philly same sex photographer

For our 3rd annual Love Gets Better Together shoot in celebration of Philly Pride 2020, we were pleased to document this magnificent project. Here, we feature Robbi + Allie in gorgeous wedding gowns from Bijou Bridal and floral artistry by Susan Davis of Fresh Designs Florist.

Here at J&J Studios, we celebrate love. We encourage couples to be proud of who they are and be their authentic selves. Look no further for a Philly LGBTQ photographer. Love is love. We are honored to have the privilege to capture your special moments. 

robbi ross make up

From hair prep to makeup application, the ladies looked extraordinary thanks to Yuliya Tovkatska. Yuliya is a one-of-a-kind beauty extraordinaire. Due to a last minute mix up, Yuliya saved the day by taking over hairstyling. The relaxed curls worked well with the gowns they wore. A huge round of applause is owed for making the models fabulous for their shoot. 

woman applying makeup lbgtq


Amazing Wedding Gowns

Both gowns were graceful and elegant. The ivory color worked perfectly: One A-line gown with a gorgeous neckline and the other full-lace with a partially open back. Both exquisite in their own unique ways. The simplicity of these gowns makes them versatile enough for any wedding occasion.

Robbi eyed her reflection in the mirror and marveled at the results. A soft glam theme featuring moody eyes and a light shade of lipstick to complete the look. 

Of course, Allie was another true masterpiece. Her subtle contour and highlight created an eye-catching glow.  Undoubtedly, these two models were show stoppers.

LBGTQ Woman in front of mirror

Without a doubt, accessories really topped the cake. We tip our hats to Valencia Key for providing stunning jewelry to compliment the overall looks. From the bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, everything was superb. You simply cannot go wrong with golds or silvers. Timeless, classic, and elegant.

jewlery bouquet LBGTQ photo

Beautiful Bouquets

Bouquets were nothing short of whimsical. Each set completely unique, just like Robbi Ross and Allison Reetz. Each set offers dreamy colors from a variety of different flowers. There were traces of greenery mixed well within the bouquets. Fresh, authentic bouquets are indeed a perfect choice for any wedding setting.

brides boquet LBGTQ wedding

grooms boquet LBGTQ wedding

We took a few shots down in front of a body of water where Robbi and Allie sat among pebbles and rocks. Of course, the sunlight hitting the ripples of water created a stunning backdrop. Peep the goose photobombing. Does it get any more magical than this?

same sex couple at a creek wedding

On that note, yes. It gets even better. Can we just take a moment to linger on this dramatic shot? The rainbow smoke bombs created an epic picture! This shot represents a message of equality, love, and pride! Have us as your Philly same sex photographer. We will love your love story and promise to capture all of your candid, emotional moments.

same sex couple rainbow smoke

Thanks to the entire team for pulling this together. Also, to my assistant Denida Seybert for being the glue that holds everything together. We all had an amazing time. The photographs are remarkable – thanks to team work!

Another shoutout to Stanislav Puzdriak for the amazing videography that he recorded and crafted. Check out his summary flick of the session!

Love Gets Better Together | Robbi + Allie

I’m John Ryan, and as your same sex friendly photographer, I stand for marriage equality. J&J Studios is LBGTQ friendly and ready to make your wildest dreams come true. I’ve been the guy with a camera in his hand all the way back to my highschool years. My passion and knowledge for all things photography guarantees that your big day will be beautifully captured.

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