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Longwood Gardens Engagement

Longwood Gardens is an incredibly popular spot for engagement photography sessions. It’s no wonder that the Gardens are so popular: they’re stunning and photogenic. Longwood Gardens’ proximity to Philadelphia means that they are also very convenient to Philly-area residents! We’re unsurprised Mia and Matt chose Longwood Gardens as the location for their evening engagement session!


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Longwood Gardens not only comprises over one thousand acres of lush land that is home to a multitude of plants and flowers, trees and bushes. Opened in 1921, the Gardens also boasts a beautiful Conservatory. In the century since the Conservatory opened for public visitation, millions of visitors have wandered it, gaping at the beauty of this “perpetual Eden.”


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To tell the truth, every time a couple requests that J & J Studios captures their engagement photography at Longwood Gardens, we’re thrilled! Longwood Gardens is an incredibly beautiful place, and we love how it is a jewel in the crown of the Philadelphia metro area.


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Matt and Mia’s Evening Engagement Session

Mia and Matt were such a joy for J & J Studios to photograph! They are so in love with one another. But, more than that, they’re clearly thrilled to be together. This was clear from the way this wonderful couple couldn’t stop laughing together!


laughing engaged couple engaged couple laughing together


The dimming evening light made beautiful contrasts between the colors in Matt and Mia’s Longwood Gardens engagement photos. We love how the colors in these images seemed especially saturated. It’s similar to the bright pink jumpsuit Mia wore earlier in the session!


high contrast evening engagement session


We loved the verdant backdrop the gradient layers of plants created in these photos. Between the green plants and the joy on Mia and Matt’s faces, these photos reminded J & J Studios of pictures taken at a summer camp session.


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These images referenced Edwardian America, the era during which Longwood Gardens was established. In these eras, newly-married couples commonly posed the way Matt and Mia are here, but on their wedding day. Sometimes, this was the only picture anyone ever took of them.


edwardian inspired engagement photo


The light from Chimes Tower made Matt and Mia into silhouettes. It added an fairytale element to their engagement photography session.


engagement photography pa


The romantic fairytale continued with the colored lights and fountain. The colors added a sense of fun and enchantment to these photos. The lit water droplets seem almost like sparkles or fireflies!


tall water fountain colored lights pink backlit couple colored lights on water droplets couple


The following images are J & J Studios’ favorite photos from Mia and Matt’s evening Longwood Gardens engagement session. We loved that they changed into more formal clothing as the sun set. The way the greenery framed this stunning couple was what we loved best! The lush greenery makes a lovely contrast to Mia and Matt’s formal dress and suit.


couple in formal clothes looking away from each other evening longwood gardens engagement session

Contact J & J Studios Today!

So, if you’re newly engaged, consider joining the tradition of engaged couples using Pennsylvania’s beautiful Longwood Gardens for their photos! It’s one of J & J Studios’ favorite engagement photography locations near Philadelphia. We’re always willing to return to it! Contact J & J Studios today to inquire about our engagement photography packages. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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