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Serendipitous Love

Anwar first laid eyes on Patience when they were fourteen years old. He admitted he thought she was “the prettiest girl in the world.” But, he was too shy to approach Patience, so she doesn’t remember seeing him. However, she definitely made an impression, because Anwar decided to add her on Myspace through a mutual friend. It was through Myspace that the two began to talk, without meeting in person. Anwar called it “puppy love.” 

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A few years later, Anwar encountered Patience’s Facebook profile, and the two reconnected there. They sent a few small messages every once in a while. But, it wasn’t until a few years later, when Patience was attending West Chester University and Anwar attended Temple University, that the two met again by chance at a party. On the dance floor, Patience saw Anwar and thought, “I know this guy.” So, she approached him. They laughed, then danced the night away. They’ve been inseparable ever since. 

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A year from that day, Anwar enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Though long distance has been difficult, Patience said to J & J Studios, “I am proud to say our love pushed us through.” We’re so happy it did!

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About Anwar and Patience

When asked about what she loves most about Anwar, Patience gave J & J Studios a long and detailed list of things. She loves that he always puts her first, no matter what, and loves her unocnditionally. Anwar’s goofy humor can always lift Patience out of a bad mood. His being a member of a large family has taught him “how to nurture and be kind.” Anwar also has ambitions to provide for and support his wife financially, mentally, and emotionally, and he always considers her feelings. 

groom mansion on main street weddinggroomsmen mansion on main street wedding

Patience also told J & J Studios that she loves Anwar’s smile. He does have the kind of smile that lights up a room! Patience described Anwar as “handsome, charming, shy at first, but super outgoing.” 

groom by window mansion on main street wedding

People always assume Patience is a model, or into fashion and/or makeup. However, she is a self-professed science nerd and works in pharmaceuticals! She’s first-generation American, as her parents came from Nigeria. She’s also obsessed with Beyonce!

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Patience and Anwar have very similar dreams for their future together, and they can’t wait to start their family! 

The Philadelphia Proposal Story

Anwar made a habit of driving every weekend to visit Patience in Philadelphia from where he was stationed in Connecticut. “August 17, 2019 was just a normal Saturday,” Patience began the story of how the couple got engaged. Anwar had booked a downtown hotel room and made dinner reservations at one of their favorite restaurants. During dinner, their conversation was mostly about their future together. 

groom wedding ceremony mansion on main street

After dinner, the couple returned to the hotel room to freshen up and make plans for the night. Anwar suggested that they attend a party at his friend’s apartment. When Patience and Anwar got off the elevator, she could hear John Legend’s “All of Me” playing. There were flashes of light from phones and cameras. Patience turned to Anwar, who told her, “All of thisis for you.”

father walking bride down aisle outdoor wedding

Patience’s sister handed her a bouquet of flowers, and Patience continued a little further down the hall. There, a sign read “Marry Me,” surrounded by candles in the shape of a huge heart. Anwar got on one knee, and before he could finish, Patience blurted, “yes!” She turned to see their family and friends, who’d helped Anwar plan the proposal for weeks. The group celebrated on a rooftop overlooking the Philadelphia skyline. “I am still in awe.” Patience told J & J Studios.

groom kissing bride's hand wedding ceremony

The Wedding Location – The Mansion on Main Street

The Mansion on Main Street is a gorgeous luxury wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey. The Mansion on Main Street offers outdoor spaces as well as ballrooms and a glass ceremony pavilion. There is a stunning garden and multiple gazebos for guests to use. 

mansion on main street wedding ceremony

Mansion on Main Street Wedding Attire

If there is any day to go full glam with your makeup, it’s your wedding day! Patience’s wedding makeup was so stunning and enhanced her gorgeous features. We’re not surprised that people often assume this bride is a model, or is interested in fashion or makeup. Patience is lovely, and she definitely has an excellent eye for both fashion and beauty!

bridal wedding makeup mansion on main street njbride makeup mansion on main street wedding

Patience and her wedding gown were showstoppers, too! The mermaid silhouette was incredibly flattering to her natural shape. The nude underlay and sheer bodice of her dress were suggestive. The sweetness and romance of the lace overlay offset the sultriness of her dress’ bodice and underlayer. The gown’s off-shoulder sleeves also added a whimsical and romantic air to Patience’s wedding day attire. 

bride in mermaid dress twirlingbride in mermaid wedding dress hotel room

A sparkling silver spray of florals topped the soft, bouncing curls of Patience’s hair and framed her face. 

bride writing a card for groom

Anwar looked cool as a cucumber as he got ready for his wedding day. He looked so calm and handsome in his black-and-white tuxedo!

groom in black and white tuxedo dramatic

Anwar’s groomsmen were similarly attired to Anwar himself. The overall effect of the group of men in black and white tuxedos was overwhelming handsomeness and class. 

groomsmen in tuxedos outdoor wedding ceremony

Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids shone in their petal-pink gowns. These floor-length satin dresses skimmed their curves. The criss-crossed neckline of the dresses added a modern flair and a uniqueness. The gowns’ neckline also framed the bridesmaids’ lovely faces. 

pink satin bridesmaids dresses

We can’t forget the adorable ring bearer and flower girl! The ring bearer focused intently on doing his job well. He looked like a miniature of the groomsmen.

ring bearer mansion on main street wedding

The flower girl did a great job spreading the flower petals for the bride. The sparkling wrap around her buns was so pretty!

flower girl mansion on main street

Mansion at Main Street Wedding Ceremony

After Patience had glided down the aisle to reach her future husband, Anwar looked at her in wonder. During the ceremony, he stood proudly and couldn’t help smiling at his bride. 

groom happy to see his bride wedding ceremony

mansion on main street wedding ceremony groom

It’s clear that Patience adores Anwar. Her eyes almost never left him, and her smile was easy.

bride looking at groom during ring exchange bride putting ring on groom's finger

Anwar and Patience’s first kiss was long and sweet and full of love. 

bride and groom first kiss as married couple

The roses wound around the gold poles added opulence to the wedding ceremony location. The gold poles reflected the evening light so that they were almost invisible under the roses. The whole effect was luxurious and luscious.

bride and groom with their families bride groom bridesmaids and groomsmen wedding party

Mansion at Main Street Wedding Reception

Many of Anwar and Patience’s wedding guests wore traditional Nigerian clothing. The bright and bold colors, embellished with metallic accents, were spectacular! 

women in traditional Nigerian clothing wedding

men in traditional Nigerian clothing wedding

Patience and Anwar chose tall centerpieces for their reception tables. Some tables were centered around columns of taper candles surrounded by a ring of white flowers. Other tables played base to large and lush arrangements of white flowers. A few tables had smaller versions of both these centerpieces.

tall glass candles wedding centerpiece

tall flower centerpiece wedding reception

With the pink uplighting and sparkling chandeliers dripping with crystals overhead, Anwar and Patience’s reception decor was striking and elegant. Yet, it was also enchanting and romantic.

romantic elegant wedding reception decor

It’s Party Time!

Anwar and Patience entered their reception to a cacophony of cheers from their loved ones. 

bride and groom wedding reception entrance

The newlyweds looked like they were having the time of their lives as they danced together! 

bride and groom dancing wedding reception

groom bride dancing wedding reception first dance wedding reception

bride groom first dance wedding reception

Anwar made Patience – and everyone else – laugh as he crawled on the floor toward his wife to remove her garter. 

groom crawling toward bride groom garter wedding tradition

You’ve heard of the bouquet and garter toss. But there’s more to those traditions! Traditionally, the single man who catches the garter has to place it on the leg of the single woman who catches the bouquet. She was a fabulous sport!

wedding garter tradition

The feathered fans the guests waved as they danced served two purposes. First, they were beautiful, and added fun to the pictures. Second, they were great for cooling off after dancing the night away!

wedding traditional Nigerian clothing fans

Anwar and Patience each changed into more traditional garb after the garter and bouquet tosses. They look just as wonderful as they did in their other wedding attire!

wedding reception dancing traditional Nigerian clothing

Anwar beamed as he danced with his and Patience’s friends and family. J & J Studios loves to see a happy groom!

groom dancing with guests wedding reception

Patience seemed to have an awesome time dancing, too! We’re so glad she had fun on such a joyful and love-filled day with the people she loves! 

bride dancing with guest wedding reception

The wedding cake followed Patience and Anwar’s overall theme of elegance and romance. Roses made from frosting adorned the cake, whose topper read their now shared name.

mansion main street wedding cakebride groom cutting wedding cake

Patience and Anwar made a grand exit from their wedding reception. At the end of the night, the newlyweds walked through a tunnel of sparklers held by their guests. They then piled into a Rolls Royce and drove off into their new life together.

bride groom sparkler wedding exit

Congratulations, Anwar and Patience – may you have many years of love and joy together! 

bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception

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