couple maternity photography philadelphia

Neha and Amish are expecting a baby! We’re so excited for them to expand their family. Amish and Neha chose to have their maternity photography session on the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

philadelphia museum of art maternity shoot

Children and Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is certainly a fitting location for a maternity shoot. Anyone who has seen a beautiful baby can attest to how babies are, themselves, works of art. Their exquisite fingers and toes, bright eyes, and perfect skin are a few examples of how babies are masterpieces. And, like works of art, babies are lovingly created over a period of time. And, like masterpieces, babies change the lives of those whose lives they enter.

hands on baby bump

History of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art was originally chartered in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition. The Exposition celebrated the 100th anniversary of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s main building was completed in 1928 on a hill in Fairmount. This is also where the beautiful and historic Fairmount Water Works are located. Admission was required for entrance to the Museum until 1962.

fairmount water works maternity photo

The museum is also home to the Rodin Museum, which has a large collection of art created by Auguste Rodin. Rodin was the artist behind the famous “The Thinker” sculpture. Other famous artists’ works are housed within the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collections. Some of these include artists like Cubist painter Pablo Picasso and Surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

maternity shoot philadelphia museum of art

Maternity Shoot

On a sunny and vibrant day in early spring, Neha and Amish met J & J Studios at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The sky above was almost impossibly blue, dotted here and there with fluffy white clouds.

father head on shoulder

How adorable are these little sparkly baby shoes? This silver pair reminds J & J Studios of the original color of the  shoes worn by Dorothy in L. Frank Baum’s children’s book, The Wizard of Oz.

sparkly baby shoes in hands couple and baby shoes

As the sun began to set for the day, Amish and Neha changed into more casual and more richly colored clothing. We think deep red is definitely Neha’s color!

couple sitting in grass maternity

J & J Studios loves this shot of Neha and Amish, backlit by the setting sun. The golden sunlight between them is a fitting metaphor for the love between them. Their love has led to the creation of a new life!

sunset maternity photography

The pure joy radiating from Amish and Neha’s faces was brighter than the golden light of the setting sun. We love how excited they are to meet their little daughter – and how loved she already is!

couple maternity shoot pmoa

This dramatic shot of our lovely mom- and dad-to-be is also a tender one. Amish kissing Neha’s baby bump was such a sweet moment!

father kiss baby bump backlit

If you are interested in having J & J Studios photograph this time of anticipation and joy for you, contact us today! We’d love to capture the love and happiness you feel during a maternity shoot. You can include your partner, or any kids – human or furry – that are part of your family, too!


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