Kate and Del share a love story worthy of a movie plot. They met on a Labor Day weekend in a coffee shop – talk about a meet-cute! Their first kiss happened at Washington, DC’s beautiful John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which is also where Del proposed. They married in DC on the morning of October 30, 2020, and then drove to Longwood Gardens in PA for their wedding photography session.

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The Proposal Location: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Here is a fun fact about the Kennedy Center, as it’s known to locals: Its Grand Foyer is one of the largest rooms in the world! That fact makes it a fitting place for posing the question that can mean the beginning of a life together, rooted in an equally large love for one another. 

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The Wedding: Great Falls Park, VA

Kate and Del describe themselves as athletic, outdoorsy opposites and best friends. They love to cook, travel, and enjoy parks and scenic views. Their wedding venue definitely matched a couple who described themselves this way: Great Falls National Park in Virginia.

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Del and Kate married the morning of October 30 at Great Falls Park in Virginia, just 15 miles from Washington, DC. This impressive National Park sits on the Potomac River, where the river falls over many steep, jagged rocks and then flows through the narrow Mather Gorge. The falls at Great Falls are a magnificent sight, and their roar can be heard long before one arrives at any of their viewing points.

Mr and Mrs.

Longwood Gardens Wedding Photography

To complete the opening of their cinematic love story, Del and Kate drove to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, where they met J & J Studios for their wedding photography session. 

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Longwood Gardens is a botanical garden whose land has a long history, one older than The United States itself. The Lenni Lenape tribe of Native Americans fished in the land’s streams, planted crops in its fields, and hunted its forests for thousands of years. Then, in 1700, a Quaker farmer named George Peirce purchased the English-claimed land, which remained in his family’s possession for about two hundred years. 

Kissing in the sun

Longwood Gardens has multiple seasonal attractions, which are themes based on the time of year and the plants that blossom during that season. Kate and Del had their wedding photography session during the Chrysanthemum festival, at the end of Longwood Gardens’ “Autumn’s Colors” themed attraction. That’s why J & J Studios was able to capture so many beautiful shots with the gorgeous and cheerful yellow chrysanthemums in the background. 

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Stunning garden scene with newly wed couple

Stroll through Longwood.Gardens

We at J & J Studios wish Del and Kate many years of love and laughter!

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Beautiful Longwood Gardens shoot


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