From the intricate details and the wide variety of stunning colors, flowers are one of the most beautiful objects to photograph. When this floral boutique in Philadelphia reached out to J&J Studios we were eager to take on this project. This flower boutique styled shoot went just as we imagined. We captured some great visuals that the client was highly satisfied with.



Happy woman receives rose

Gold flower arrangements during styled flower boutique shoot

Smiling woman on couch with flowers

Flower Boutique Styled Shoot

This was a very important shoot for this floral boutique as they were planning to use these new visuals on their website and for their Valentine Day marketing campaign. Therefore, it was imperative that our team properly executed the creative vision they had in mind. We worked closely with the manager of the boutique to ensure that we captured the type of visuals the boutique needed.

Flower boutique styled shootRed roses in the window sill

Beautiful red roses on the bed

Flowers on the bed

Red roses and accessories

White teddy bear

During this session, the beautiful floral arrangements were adorned in decorative vases and styled alongside gorgeous accessories that emphasized the beauty of the flowers. It was awesome watching her boutique’s expert florist work her magic. It was truly a work of art.

Cute teddy bear with roses styled flower boutique shoot

White flowers flower boutique styled shoot

Beautifully arranged flower boutique styled shoot

Gray flower teddy bear

Red roses

Teddy bear with roses flower boutique styled shoot

Talented professional models were also used during this shoot. Our team worked along with the models to determine the best poses that best showcased the floral arrangement. Since this session was targeted towards the upcoming Valentine’s Day and we made sure these photographs had a romantic flair that would appeal to the viewers. Some of our favorite moments from this shoot are the rose petal visuals.

Woman lying on bed during flower boutique styled shoot

Woman with bouquet of roses during styled flower boutique shootWoman loves roses for styled flower boutique shoot

Can you smell the roses flower boutique styled shoot

Woman and red roses flower boutique styled shoot

Overall Experience

The primary goal during this shoot was the capture the true beauty of the florals used during the session. This required lighting and composition. Often, for flower shoots, we prefer to host these types of sessions outdoors on a sunny day because it provides the type of oft lighting that can capture all the details in each flower. However, because this was an indoor session we had to make some adjustments and use an artificial lighting scheme that mimicked the soft natural lighting we usually prefer. Since this was a styled floral shoot there were several accessories that were used to accentuate the beauty of the floral arrangements. We had to find the right angles that made all of these elements blend pperfectly.

Working with the professional models on set was a breeze and it made our job much easier. Our client was very happy with all the visuals our team captured for this session.

J&J Studios For Your Next Session

Here at J&J Studios, our team of photographers is highly versatile. Whether you are a floral boutique in need of great photographs to help market your business or a flower enthusiast who wants professional photographs of your garden we can make it happen. We don’t just get the job done but we devise a plan that will best showcase your creativity. If you are interested in learning more about our services contact us today to schedule a consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!


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