Bat mitzvahs are an important Jewish coming of age ritual that celebrates a young woman’s full transition into the Jewish community. This is such a momentous occasion which is why Myers reached out to J&J Studios. They wanted our team to document every moment of their daughter’s Sydney special day starting with beautiful portraits along the Camden Waterfront. This New Jersey Bat Mitzvah photography session went just as planned and we’re happy that we had the opportunity to capture quality visuals that Sydney will always cherish.

Ceremony New Jersey Bat Mitzvah photography

Family portrait

Camden Waterfront Family Portrait

During the consultation, the Myers made it clear that they wanted to take family portraits before the commencement of the Bat mitzvah ceremony. This was important because they hadn’t taken an updated family portrait in years and what better day to do so than on this special day.

They didn’t have a location in mind for this portrait session so our team suggested the Camden Waterfront in New Jersey. This was an ideal location because it was near the synagogue and the riverfront makes for great scenic pictures.

Dad and daughter

Dad and daughter waterfront

Mom and daughtwr

Beautiful.young girl

Happy mom and daughter

The Myers looked absolutely stunning for this afternoon shoot. Family portraits are one of our favorite sessions because there is nothing more heartwarming than capturing the genuine love of a family. During the family portrait session, we snapped photos of mom and dad, captured amazing self-portraits of the children.

Father sitting on bench

Beautiful momStunning pink dress

Beautiful.young girl

Dad and daughter waterfront Sydney Bat mitzvah

New Jersey Bat Mitzvah Photography Session

This birthday marked a special year for Sydney Myers. In the Jewish community, a Bat Mitzvah occurred around a girl’s twelfth birthday. We documented every moment of the bat mitzvah ceremony at the synagogue. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the ceremony had to be tremendously scaled back and only the family was allowed to attend. Everyone wore masks during the ceremony which was a requirement.

New Jersey Bat mitzvah photography

The ceremony started with Sydney reading from the Torah. The Rabbi offered a prayer and spoke to Sydney and her family. The ceremony was over rather quickly. The pure look of excitement and happiness in the faces of Sydney’s family was beautiful to see. They were eager to take several more photographs at the end of the ceremony. We also got some photos of the family with the Rabbi. Sydney will be able to look back on these photos and remember this very day.


Synagogue New Jersey Bat mitzvah photography

Reading from.the Torrah

Sydney and Rabbi New Jersey bat mitzvah photography

New Jersey Bat mitzvah photography

Mom and daughter after the ceremony

J&J Studios for Your Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah

Do you need a skilled photography team to document the child’s Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah? Here at J&J Studios, our team has experience in successfully documenting such important rituals. We understand that such religious customs are momentous occasions that one will hold dear to their heart forever. With years of experience in documenting both Jewish weddings and coming to age rituals, we can help you make these moments even more special by capturing them on camera. If you are interested in learning more about our services contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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