Oaks Headshot Photography

Oaks Headshot Photography
A great headshot can make all the difference in your career. It’s not something to take lightly. You need to get it right the first time, and you also want to feel fantastic about the end product.
When Melanie came to us for a headshot session, she had no idea how much we could do for her. She was seeking a professional photographer with years of experience. Moreover, a comfortable and versatile studio setting, and a portfolio of gorgeous photos to show off. J&J Studios offered all of this and more.

Oaks Headshot Photography Oaks Headshot Photography
She came in for a consultation and told us about her situation. We talked about what she wanted to get out of her photos, and we had suggestions as to how we would proceed with the shoot. Melanie decided to proceed with our services.

Oaks Headshot Photography Oaks Headshot Photography


The day of the shoot arrived, and we met at our studio. Melanie was nervous at first, but she became more relaxed once the camera started rolling. When we had finished shooting what we needed, we went through them one by one on the computer screen and decided which were good enough to be used on her resume. Afterwards, Melanie decided to make use of our photoshop services so that we could retouch any blemishes on her face that might be distracting from her presentation. The final result was superb; Melanie’s pictures were indeed professional-looking headshots that would help advance her career.

Oaks Headshot Photography Oaks Headshot Photography


Creating a good headshot is a difficult task. Many factors go into creating a strong image, including the photographer’s skill and experience, the lighting, the camera equipment used, and more.

Oaks Headshot Photography Oaks Headshot Photography

The following are some of the most important things to consider when taking a headshot.

  • Natural light
    The best type of lighting for a photo is in natural daylight. If you need to shoot indoors, then make sure that you have windows nearby with plenty of natural light coming through them.
  • Background
    When taking a headshot, try to avoid busy backgrounds that distract from your subject’s face. You want to ensure that your background is clean and simple. Therefore, it doesn’t take away from their face when looking at your images later on down the road.
  • Clothing
    Make sure that you look professional when you’re going in for your headshots! Select a nice shirt or blouse in muted colors like black or blue to complement your skin tone and bring out the best in your face. Avoid bright that draw attention away from your eyes and onto other parts of your body instead!
  • Makeup
    You may be tempted to skip this step, but please don’t! Makeup can really enhance an image by bringing out beauty and color.

Oaks Headshot Photography Oaks Headshot Photography


In short, we can provide you with the best headshot photography in Oaks for any occasion: interviews, headshots for actors, business portraits, or just impressing your friends and family. We know that you want a flattering photo of yourself, so we’ll always make sure to discuss your needs prior to the session. And don’t worry—you won’t hear us use any meaningless stock photography terms! We take pride in what we do, which is why we’ve built up a great name in the business. The reason why? Great service! We look forward to taking some shots with you soon.


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