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J & J Studios felt the compliment that Rob and Archana paid us when they chose us to capture their Old City, PA headshots. We were so flattered by this because Archana and Rob have worked with us before their Old City, PA headshot photography session. J & J Studios also captured their engagement photography session and even photographed their wedding! You can see their engagement photos here, and their wedding photos here.

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Meet the Couple: Robert and Archana

Archana and Rob are a fantastic example of a hardworking and fortunate couple like those you see in movies. Their cinematic love story began the day they met, when a mutual friend introduced them to one another. It was love at first sight! Five years after they met and fell in love, Rob proposed on the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali. Archana and Rob got married in 2020. They had a lovely micro wedding at the gorgeous and historic Hill-Physick House in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.

professional couple man holding woman from behind looking at camera

Old City PA Headshots

But, headshots are obviously a much more career-centered form of photography than engagement or wedding photos are. And, we should note, Archana and Rob are undeniably a power couple when it comes to their professional careers! Here is some information about this Old City Philadelphia-loving couple and their professions.


About Archana

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Archana works as an anesthesiologist at a hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Anesthesiologists are a type of medical doctor. They are specialists in perioperative care, or the care and treatment a patient recieves before and after surgery. Anesthesiologists develop anesthetic plans and also administer anesthetics. Anesthesiologists are essential to healthcare because they are the doctors whose care prevents both distress and physical pain in patients undergoing medical procedures.

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About Rob


Robert also holds an impressive professional position in the same way that his wife Archana does. However, he works in a completely different field. Rob is a senior finance associate at an important international financial firm in the New York City area.

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Typically, finance associates are professionals who assist with and/or manage an organization’s annual operating budget. Finance associates also make projections for financial gains and losses, among other duties. This position requires extensive training and skill in both mathematics and in business practices. A position as a senior financial associate also requires that one have an analytical mind and a meticulous eye for detail.

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J & J Studios has been so honored that Archana and Rob have chosen to hire us to capture some of the most important moments and facets of their lives. From their engagement, to their wedding, and now to their professional headshots, we’ve loved working with Rob and Archana every time they’ve chosen us. Contact J & J Studios today to schedule your own Old City PA headshot photography session! Also, keep in mind that we are available to cover any and all important events in your life, from engagements to weddings, maternity to birthdays, graduations to anniversaries.


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