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J&J Studios was given the opportunity to photograph a dancer, Abby, at Juli Kell’s Dance Center. John Ryan, our lead Philadelphia dance photographer, showed up at the dance center and was ready to get to work. He felt completely in his comfort zone since he is a dancer himself. We had so much fun photographing this session, and we were so impressed with Abby’s dancing.

Philly Dance Photographer John Ryan from J&J Studios Dancer photographed by Philadelphia Dance Photographer

Meet The Dancer

Abby is a fabulous dancer at Juli Kell’s Dance Center. She has been dancing for several years and has been learning to perfect her dance moves. This is not only a huge part of her life, but it is also a passion that she has wanted to pursue since she was a young child. Abby has worked hard to get to where she is today, and she continues to work harder everyday. She hopes to go far in dancing one day.

Abby dancer captured by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia dance photographer session

Juli Kell’s Dance Center

Juli Kell’s Dance Center, about 45 miles from Philadelphia, is where our photography session took place. This dance company teaches dancers from ages 2 and up. There are a variety of different classes based on age groups, and there are also classes for adults. If you would like to check out Juli Kell’s Dance Center, they can be found at 145 Main Street – Unit E, Pennsburg, PA 18073.

Philly Dance Photographer J&J StudiosJuli Kell's Dance Center Philadelphia Dance PhotographerDancer at Juli Kell's Dance Center captured by J&J Studios

Why Should You Hire A Philadelphia Dance Photographer With Dance Experience?

J&J Studios’ lead photographer, John Ryan, is a competitive ballroom dancer. He has danced in many competitions across the tri-state area. Therefore, he has a love for the art of dancing which may be important to other dancers. By choosing a photographer who loves dancing just as much as you do, you will feel seen and understood. John also knows what is important to a dancer and will capture all your brilliant and talented dance moves on the spot. He has a lot of energy and will follow you around at your pace on the dance floor.Philadelphia Dance Photographer captures dancer at Juli Kell's Dance CenterPhiladelphia Dance PhotographerPhilly Dance Photographer J&J Studios

What is Ballet?

The type of dance that Abby specializes in is ballet, which dates back to the Italian Renaissance era in the 15th century. Later on, ballet turned into a form of concert dance in Russia and France. It has since extended around the world and has become a highly competitive dance that requires a lot of skill. Dancers who choose to do ballet will learn formal steps and gestures. As you can see in the photos, Abby is wearing her pointe shoes which are an important part of ballet. These shoes make ballet artists look weightless as well as help them stand on their tip toes for a long period of time. Most people who watch ballet describe it as being “light and graceful.”Philadelphia Dance Photographer photographs Abby Dancer photography Session by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia dance photographer John Ryan with J&J Studios

Need a Philadelphia Dance Photographer? Book J&J Studios Today

If you are a ballet dancer or any other type of dancer, our Philadelphia dance photographer at J&J Studios would be happy to capture you in your artistic element. We take everyone’s talents and passions very seriously as well as ensure that your dance moves will be captured perfectly on camera. You can use these photos for your portfolio, website, or to hang up in your home. If this is a photo session that you are interested in pursuing, contact us today and we will begin planning your shoot.



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