Couple fine art photo shoot

J&J Studios was given the wonderful opportunity to photograph Aneri and Aaditiya’s fine art photography session. As an experienced Philadelphia fine art photographer, I am always ready to use my creativity for this type of photo shoot. During the session, Aneri and Aaditiya gave the camera pure magic with their different postures and poses. The couple spent their time giving distinct looks that others can view and feel something. This is where the photographer’s artistry comes in to capture these looks to make the images a piece of artwork.

fine art photo session Philadelphia

What Does a Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer Do?

There is quite a bit of work that goes into fine art photography. Our team edits each photo completely by hand to create the perfect piece. We also examine and analyze every single aspect of the photos with hopes of removing all blemishes and imperfections. We even evaluate and make each of the hairs on our subjects’ heads perfect. On top of eliminating blemishes, our team uses our signature color grading to give the photos a warm, elegant look. As a Philadelphia fine art photographer, my goals are to emphasize the details, remove any flaws or imperfections, and custom-make the photos to fit perfectly on large wall prints for gallery displays.

fine art photograph

Fine Art Photography Can Be Serious and Fun

While fine art photography seems to be mostly serious, our clients can have fun throughout the photo shoot as well. Aneri and Aaditiya enjoyed doing different stances that they knew would create influential images for others to see. Our objective at J&J Studios is to help you create unique, powerful works of art that will be awe-inspiring to anyone who views them. We will deliver photographs showing you the beauty and art that can be captured in a single fine art photoshoot.

fine art model

Fine Art Photography is Based on the Artist’s Style

Choosing a fine art photographer is important because each artist has their own style. Most people think that this type of photography is based on the camera, but it is based on the artist. The photographer uses the camera as a tool, but the created work is a piece of art that promotes an idea, emotion, or a message. It is all about the artist’s vision. When you look at fine art photos, they should express the vision and feelings of the artist behind the camera. At J&J Studios, we hope that you can see the hard work, warm feelings, and intended creation from our fine art photography.

Philadelphia couple photo shoot

Book J&J Studios as Your Philadelphia Fine Art Photographer

J&J Studios is committed to delivering spectacular fine art photography to our clients. If you are interested in dressing up and creating art together, get in touch with us through our contact form. We can begin the process by talking about the goals that you have in mind for your photo session, going over the ideas and picture samples of what you would like your photos to look like, and reviewing the details and clothing choices you would like to include to give your portraits some personality.

We can travel to any location of your choice, or you can visit our studio in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. For our fine art photo sessions, we prefer to give our clients printed portraits because digital images do not show every ounce of work and skill that went into creating the perfect images. Printed photos show more detail, attributes, and unique elements created by the artist. However, we do offer digital images for each photo that you choose to have printed out. Our promise to you is that our photos will last over 70 years and will catch the attention of everyone who encounters them.


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