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After four intense years at the Temple University School of Pharmacy, Dena Haboush’s big day has finally arrived! Dena reached out to our team a couple of months ago for help in commemorating a very important moment in her life. Graduating from school was such a big deal and we were dedicated to helping Dena obtain professional graduation photos that she could look back on forever and remember this very moment. This Philadelphia pharmacy school graduation photography session went just as planned. 

Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photography DeannaPharmacist School Grad

Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photography- Road to Becoming A Pharmacist

Since she was in middle school, Dena always knew that she wanted a career that would allow her to help people. As she got older, she became specifically interested in helping people. During this time she would aid in administering medication to the residents. After volunteering in a nursing home and working alongside a nurse who was her mentor during her junior and senior year of high school Dena became especially captivated with medicine. 

After graduating from high school, Dena spent four years at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia which is one of the highest-ranking educational institutions in the state. She enrolled in the school’s undergraduate pharmaceutical program where she ended up obtaining her bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and toxicology. At the end of her four years, she applied to Temple University School of Pharmacy and Jefferson School of Pharmacy to obtain her doctorate degree. Dena ended up pursuing her doctorate at Temple University School of Pharmacy where she graduated at the top of her class. 

Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photography

This shoot took place at the J&J Studios in Philadelphia. Dena arrived at our studios on a beautiful Saturday morning excited about her shoot. She desired a simple yet professional look for this session which is why we opted for a solid navy blue background. The majority of the visuals we captured for this shoot were professional headshots that showed Dena’s inner beauty. 

Headshot smile Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyTilted head smile Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyLaughing girl Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photographyblack and white dress Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyWoman in lab coat Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photography Dena went for three different looks during the shoot. During the first few frames, she wore a beautiful black dress that fit her perfectly but was also modest and professional. In the next frames, we took photos of her in her custom name embroidered lab coat. The smile she wore in these frames was infectious. These were our favorite shots from the entire session. It represented the hard work and dedication that she put into fulfilling her dreams. These photos are truly inspirational.

Girl playing with hair Deanna’s Road to Becoming A PharmacistProfessional Graduation picture Deanna’s Road to Becoming A PharmacistClassy grad student in dressYoung smiling grad studentProfessional headshot


Of course, in the final few frames, Dena had to end the session with a killer look. She changed into a gorgeous royal blue asymmetrical cocktail dress. This dress brought out her alter ego and we were able to capture great photos that showed off her personality. 

Professional Doctorate gradArms crossed grad student Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyBeautiful girl in lab coatGrad student with stet scope Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation Photography Smiling girl in a beautiful blue dressGirl in a blue dress Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyOver the shoulder Philadelphia Pharmacy School Graduation PhotographyOver the shoulder smileBook J&J Studios For Your Graduation Photos

This will be a big year for many high schools and college graduates. What better way to commemorate such an important occasion than by having a fun photoshoot? Our team can capture high-quality graduation headshots and photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for several years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 




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