Philadelphia 6 month milestone photo shoot by J&J Studios

At J&J Studios, we believe in celebrating so many different types of milestones. Therefore, we were stoked to answer the phone and hear a client requesting a six month milestone photo shoot for her daughter! Throughout this article, I will show you photos we captured of the beautiful little girl as well as tell you why this milestone is a great opportunity for a photo shoot. Baby's six month milestone photos by J&J StudiosDaughter's six month milestone by J&J StudiosBaby's six month milestone photo shoot by J&J StudiosBaby's milestone photo shoot by J&J Studios

Baby Lilah’s Six Month Milestone Photo Shoot

Our team enjoys photographing babies, especially for important occasions. In this case, the important occasion was baby Lilah’s half birthday! It was such an exciting time, and we could tell that Lilah’s mom could not wait to get in on the fun and have some photos taken together. This baby was very adorable, cooperative, and extremely photogenic. Lilah is so loved by her family, and they are enjoying every second of her. We cannot wait to document her one year milestone next! Mother and baby photo shoot by J&J StudiosMother and baby six month milestone photo shoot by J&J StudiosMother and daughter by J&J Studios

Why Should You Invest in A Six Month Milestone Photo Shoot?

All milestones are important. When you have a child, you realize just how important every single moment was. Therefore, you should consider documenting as many milestones as you can. Over the years, you will appreciate the photo memories that you have to hold onto because children grow up super fast. So, if you are able to capture the memories through photographs, you will have the chance to look back and remember when they were young. You will also be able to watch them grow and evolve into an adult over and over again.

In addition, children enjoy seeing the photos that you saved of them when they were growing up. This means that it will be a fun pastime sharing memories and looking back at all the images together. Our crew recommends scheduling photos every six months if possible because children grow and change very quick within a year’s timeframe!  Baby photo shoot by J&J StudiosBaby 6 month photo shootBaby 6 month milestone photo shoot by J&J StudiosDaughter's half birthday by J&J Studios

J&J Studios Is One of the Top Baby Photographers in Philadelphia

We understand that it can be difficult to get your child ready to come out to our studio. That is why we are always prepared and ready to travel to any location that you request if need be. We are patient, gentle, and will do anything we can to get your baby to smile during the session. One of our biggest goals is to ensure that all of our clients are comfortable including babies. Whether at our studio or another location, we want to make sure that your baby feels at home.

To make things more fun, we recommend bringing several different outfits to change your baby into for a variety of different photos. Our team is very accommodating and will give you all the privacy that you need during your session. Click here to check out our family and baby portfolio to give you ideas for your milestone photo shoot. Lilah's six month milestone photo shoot by J&J StudiosBaby Lilah's Six month photo shootHappy baby smiling by J&J StudiosBaby in a tutu at six month milestone session by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia Six Month Milestone Photo Shoot by J&J StudiosBaby laughing at six month milestone session by J&J Studios

Book J&J Studios to Document All Your Child’s Important Milestones!

If you are expecting, just had a baby, or have a growing child, it is never too early or too late to book a photographer to capture any significant milestones or growth spurts. Our crew loves kids, and we know how much they mean to you. Therefore, J&J Studios is always thrilled to take photos of them for you to cherish forever. To schedule a session with our photographers, fill out our contact form by clicking here. After you have submitted this form, a member of our staff will be in contact with you as quickly as possible. We look forward to meeting you and capturing the perfect photos for you!