Recently, J & J Studios captured some gorgeous nighttime Philadelphia skyline engagement photography. Lindsey and Joseph, newcomers to Philadelphia, made this possible for J & J Studios. They’re already enthralled with this historic city!

philly skyline engagement photography couple

These pictures were taken at the intersection of the Schuylkill Expressway (76) and South Street Bridge.

Meet Lindsey and Joseph

Lindsey and Joseph met when they were both working in Florida. Because Joseph is originally from Long Island, New York, and Lindsey is from the eastern shore of Maryland, they chose to move to and make their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly is situated between both Joseph and Lindsey’s hometowns, which makes it an ideal location for these alluring lovebirds. 

philly skyline engagement photography

The Philadelphia skyline was Joseph and Lindsey’s inspiration for their engagement photography session. We think this nighttime session made the colors in the photographs richer, and gave them a dramatic and sophisticated ambiance – fitting for a vibrant international metropolis like Philadelphia! 

couple fancy philadelphia engagement photography

Lindsey and Joseph’s ensembles reflected the dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere of the setting of these Philadelphia skyline engagement photographs. Their outfits were a fantastic means for them to honor the city they love. “Philly is the city that made us!” Lindsey says. We’re happy they’ve found joy in their new home city! 

night philadelphia engagement photography

Philadelphia Skyline Engagement Photography

We love the sass Lindsey is giving the camera in these photos – it’s definitely fun, like Lindsey herself! 

engagement photography couple philly night skyline engagement photography

How luxurious is Lindsey’s fur wrap in this sweet picture of Joseph and Lindsey’s hands? 

hands on fur

We are enchanted by the almost sparkling effect of the out-of-focus lights in the background give to these photos of Lindsey and Joseph.

philadelphia skyline engagement photography night

This photo reminds J & J Studios of a painting. Couldn’t you just imagine a painted version of this good-looking couple in an art gallery somewhere?

engaged couple night skyline dip

This is quite possibly our favorite shot from this Philadelphia skyline engagement photography session. We love how Joseph is kissing Lindsey, and how brilliant her smile is!

cheek kiss engaged couple

About Joseph and Lindsey

When asked what she loves most about Joseph, Lindsey states that he’s “compassionate and understanding.” Lindsey describes herself as “creative,” and says she “can be a perfectionist.” We think it says a lot about Joseph that Lindsey chose him, since she can be a perfectionist!

romantic engagement photography

Joseph had a plan for proposing to Lindsey, but the pandemic made a change of plans necessary. However, the proposal was still sentimental and significant; Joseph and Lindsey’s daughter handed her mother the ring while Lindsey’s mom was there to watch. “It was simple but very special!” Says Lindsey. It sounds like a truly touching moment!

night philadelphia engagement photography

Lindsey and Joseph had an excellent experience with J & J Studios during their engagement photography session. “You know right away that they have done this before. The steps for communication and making things easy with the help of the assistant made the experience even better!” Thanks, Joseph and Lindsey – we appreciate the compliments!

engagement photographer

If you are also engaged and want a photography session to document this often brief but always lovely and unique time in your relationship, we’d be happy to help make that a reality! Contact J & J Studios today – we’d love to hear from you to make your Philadelphia photography dreams come true!


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