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J&J Studios recently had the opportunity to capture Hermes and Jennifer’s marriage ceremony at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. It was a crisp spring day, and the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel could not have been a more perfect place for these two. As the city was buzzing by, time stood still for Jennifer and Hermes on their special day. Throughout this article, we will introduce you to the happily married couple, tell you about their chosen wedding venue, and provide you with details about several of the photographs and locations that you will see.


Groom first look at bride Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Bride walking down aisle Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

The Marriage Ceremony at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Despite being in a pandemic, Jennifer and Hermes knew this was the right time for their wedding. With their loved ones accompanying them at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel, Hermes and Jennifer’s wedding ceremony began. The minute that Hermes laid eyes on his beautiful bride was magical. You could see the love that he has in his eyes for Jennifer, and J&J Studios is so happy that we were able to capture this wonderful moment.

Exchanging wedding rings Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Wedding Vows Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Emotional wedding moment Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Exchanging vowels and rings became very emotional. You could tell the appreciation and adoration that Hermes and Jennifer share for each other was overflowing. Just by watching their body language and listening to their words, you instantly felt like you knew this couple for a long time and could feel the love that they share.


Boy at wedding Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Ring bearer and flower girl Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Even the children looked snazzy and stylish in their suits and dresses. I could not get over how amazing these three looked at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. They could have almost stolen the show!

Bride and groom Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Meet the Newly Weds: A Love Story in the Making for Eight Years

After being together for more than eight years, you could see the pure joy and happiness on their faces as they walked down the aisle together as husband and wife. Jennifer described Hermes as someone that God put into her life for a reason, and Hermes described Jennifer as being someone who stuck by his side even when others turned away from him. Therefore, they knew that they were meant to be together and that they can conquer anything that stands in their way. As Jennifer said, “It is not you or me. It is us and always has been.”

Bride and groom Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

About the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel Venue

The Philadelphia Wedding Chapel did a great job accommodating this couple and their guests. It was a charming, welcoming atmosphere, and J&J Studios was proud to shoot at this wedding venue. I would recommend the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel to any of our clients who are searching for a friendly and sophisticated wedding venue in Philadelphia. Their objective is to help provide you with the best experience and memories of your wedding day for many years to come. The address to the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel is 3502 Scotts Lane Bldg. 3, Philadelphia, PA 19129.

Bride and groom shoes Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Bride changes shoes

Groom changes shoes

Bride and groom fun in sneakers Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Fun and Goofy Moments to Balance the Serious Moments at a Wedding

We decided to take a break from the seriousness and have some fun. The bride and groom let loose and took off their fashionable shoes. They, instead, put on some Nike and Jordan sneakers. This was a fun way to be goofy and make their wedding day entertaining.

Groomsmen having fun Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

The groomsmen joined in and showed off their cool sneakers as well. This was a unique, enjoyable moment for everyone who attended this marriage ceremony at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. As I looked around, I noticed that the venue was filled with laughter, smiles, and tears from the couple’s loved ones. The goofy moments are just as important as the serious moments and will be cherished for a lifetime.

Bride and groom Philadelphia

Bride groom Philadelphia

Just married Philadelphia

Let’s Venture Out for Photos of the Newly Married Couple

J&J Studios ventured around Philadelphia with the newly married couple and captured their joyful moments of being in endless bliss. You could tell that Jennifer and Hermes were meant for each other and they were ready to embark on this new journey of marriage. They seemed easy going, full of life, and very in tune with one another.

Bride Groom Philadelphia Museum of Art

Married couple Philadelphia Museum of Art

Wedding Photographs in Front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

After leaving the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel, we stopped at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Watching these two pose for pictures and get lost into each other’s eyes was incredible. You could see the love, passion, and tremendous respect that they have for each other. They truly lift each other up and make a beautiful couple. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is known for its stunning architecture, the Rocky steps, and its amazing surrounding views. Being one of the couple’s favorite places to visit in the Philadelphia area, it seemed like the perfect place to snap a few photos on their memorable day.

Newly married couple Center City Philadelphia

Newly married couple Center City Philadelphia

Center City Philadelphia Wedding Photos

Next, we moved to downtown Philadelphia, also known as Center City. Jennifer and Hermes walked hand in hand through the bustling streets of Philly. You could tell that they were comfortable, enjoying every moment of the day, and so in love. Center City is an excellent place to capture wedding photos. He looked very dapper in his navy suit, and she looked gorgeous in her white dress. While Hermes and Jennifer were in their own element, others watched and admired the love that they share from afar.

Just married Center City Philadelphia

Married Couple Center City Philadelphia

When it comes to capturing wedding photos, Center City Philadelphia offers countless options. There are so many buildings, cityscapes, and architecture designs to work with in this area that makes up 7.7 square miles. It is a magnificent place that consists of many different neighborhoods, cobblestone streets, and old store fronts. This makes it a truly unique place to capture your photographs on your big day.

Newly weds City Hall Philadelphia

Groom and bride City Hall Philadelphia

City Hall Wedding Photos

What kind of wedding shoot would it be without the famous City Hall in the background? City Hall is one of the most well-known buildings in Center City Philadelphia. It is also one of the most photographed buildings in the city. Anytime that you are in Center City, you are likely to notice that someone is always getting their picture taken in front of City Hall. Hermes and Jennifer decided to join in on the fun, and it was a terrific moment to capture. As you can see, the couple decided to give a serious pose in this picture. They were very proud to be standing in front of City Hall in their wedding attire on their special day. As cars drove by and beeped their horns at them, they could not have been more pleased. It was a magical moment watching all of Philadelphia celebrate with the happy couple!

Wedding Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Philadelphia Wedding Chapel Photography Session

The team at J&J Studios enjoyed their time with Hermes and Jennifer’s friends and loved ones, and we are very pleased with how our photo session turned out. We could not have asked for a better family to spend our day with. Despite the ongoing conditions of the world right now, there was no better place to be than the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel. The venue is located less than 10 minutes from the Center City area and is currently holding marriage ceremonies for guests of 40 or less. The venue and its staff are luxurious, affordable, and reliable. Not only is the customer service experience exceptional, the photos that can be taken at the Philadelphia Wedding Chapel are spectacular.

Ceremony Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Book with J&J Studios Today for Your Wedding Shoot

If you are recently engaged or planning a wedding, J&J Studios would be glad to capture your big day. The memories that will be made on this day are important, and we will ensure that they are captured accurately and professionally. You will be able to share each moment from your special day with your family and friends across the world. Our goal is to produce high-quality photos that you will want to share on social media, by mail and e-mail, and even place around your home. Our team takes great pride in capturing your wedding day perfectly, and we strive to provide you with our best work possible. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please contact us today to go over the details and begin planning your wedding session. We are so excited and look forward to working with you!

Wedding couple Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

Jennifer and Hermes enjoyed their wedding session with J&J Studios. They described their session as unique, professional, and creative. We enjoyed following them around the city of Philadelphia and capturing every minute of their wedding day. As much as our clients appreciate us, we appreciate them for giving us the opportunity as well. To become one of our next happy customers, visit our contact page. We can start the process as quickly as possible for you.

J&J Studios Offers Videography Services

J&J Studios is proud to announce that we also specialize in videography services. If you would like a video recording of any part of your wedding day for keepsake or to share on social media, we can make it happen for you. Take a look at the impressive video above before deciding, and let us know.




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