The Philadelphia Art Museum has always been one of our favorite places to host engagement sessions. From the rich architectural details to the scenic riverfront, this place is magical and it was the perfect place for Cecile and Jared’s engagement session. This lovely couple’s Philly Art Museum engagement session was simply amazing.

Philly Art Museum Engagement Session Feet sweeping kiss

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Jared and Cecile’s Love Story

Cecile and Jared’s love journey began in the most romantic way possible. These love birds met on a daring append after messaging for a few days Cecile knew that there was something different. “Even before meeting him I kept thinking about how genuine he was as he definitely lived up to that definition.”

Cecile and Jared’s first date was two years ago In Pittsburgh where they spent most of the day hanging out and having a meaningful conversation. They ate delicious tacos and went to a pinball cafe. They ended the night at Dave and Busters where Cecile swears she won every game that night. After such a fun-filled date with great conversation and amazing food, they both knew that they wanted to be in each other’s lives.

What They Love Most About Each Other

Jared was attracted to Cecile’s willingness and ability to take care of everyone she loves. Her determination to foster meaningful relationships with her family and friends. The way that she goes out of her way to make him feel special makes him even more grateful.

Cecile loves Jared’s heart of gold. “ He reminds me of my mother in terms of selflessness and caring nature. His continuous affection keeps me happy and I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life.

Jared’s Birthday Proposal

Jared planned a beautiful proposal to Cecile on his birthday; October 23. Jared knew Cecilewas coming to visit him and he was ready to start the year off by making one of the most important decisions of his life. On the big day, he had a chef come to his home and prepare their favorite meal. Everything about that night was perfect. After a delicious meal of fried lobster, seafood max and cheese, and apple caramel cheesecake Jared got down on one knee and asked Cecile to be his wife. For Cecile, it was as if time stopped.

Wedding Vision

The newly engaged couple have already begun the wedding planning process. They decided to host their wedding in Jared’s home country; Cameroon Africa in eight months. However, they are planning a big reception in Philadelphia for their family and friends who can’t travel. While planning a destination wedding has been challenging the process has deepened their connection.

Iconic Philly Art Museum Engagement Session

The Philadelphia Art Museum was the perfect place for Jared and Cecile’s engagement session. The couple desired photos that celebrated their love. From their well-coordinated outfits to the scenic location our team helped them selected Jared and Cecile really wanted visuals that helped them feel and look great.

Hand in hand walk at Philly Art Museum

Cecile walking with her fiance

Woman smiling during intimate exchangeCecile kiss Jared Philly Art Museum Engagement Session

Sunset kissSmiling happy Cecile and Jared

During this Philly Art Museum Session, it was important that we take advantage of the breathtaking structural elements and capture the natural sunlight that shined brightly in the sky. From the sweet stolen kisses and warm embraces, we caught all of their intimate moments on camera.

Romantic kiss Philly Art Museum Engagement session

Dancing with you

Couple on staircase at Philly Art Museum Engagement session

Cecile holding husband close during Philly Art Museum Engagement Session

Cheek kiss during Philly Art Museum Engagement Session

Man proposing to woman

Philly art museum engagement session kiss

Intimate Philly Art Museum Engagement session

Loving you

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The Best Creative Photographers for Your Engagement Visuals

Jared and Cecile were very happy with the visuals J&J Studios produced for this very special moment in their lives. Intially, they were camera shy but they appreciated the direction we provided which helped bring these engagement session visuals to life.

Smiling woman hugging fiance

Smiling man holding woman mid air

Are you interested in commemorating your engagement in a special way? Contact J&J Studios to plan your engagement session.


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