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Surprise proposals can be a wonderful gift to give your significant other. They’re delightful, and often incredibly romantic. Though it may seem difficult, you can even hire a photographer, like J & J Studios, to capture you popping the question to your significant other. While most people advise that couples at least have a conversation about marriage before taking the step forward in their relationship that engagement is, you can still make the proposal itself a surprise! 

engaged couple surprise proposal photography philadelphia

That’s just what Joshua did on Broad Street in Philly, in front of Philadelphia’s City Hall in the heart of the Old City! You can read about this elegant couple and the way Joshua surprised his now-fiance, Laura, below. J & J Studios was so excited to photograph this surprise engagement in one of Philadelphia’s most iconic locations. We hope you love our Philly Broad Street proposal photography as much as we do! 

Philly Broad Street Proposal

The day was sunny and bright, with hazy clouds like lace against the autumn blue sky. Both Joshua and Laura were bundled up against the late-November Philadelphia cold, with Joshua in a black wool coat and cashmere scarf and Laura in a gorgeous blonde fur coat. As they stood on the median on Broad Street in front of Philadelphia’s City Hall, they chatted and laughed with one another. 

philly broad street proposal philadelphia city hall

Suddenly, Joshua reached into his jacket, then got on one knee in front of Laura. When he asked her to marry him, she said yes! After Joshua rose from his knee to kiss his fiancee, Laura spotted J & J Studios photographing them – and we were busted! 

philly broad st proposal kiss philadelphia city hall

philly broad street proposal photography

Philly Broad Street Proposal Photography

Laura nuzzled her face against Joshua’s so it looked like she was whispering in his ear. We’re not sure if she was just cold and stealing his heat, though! Either way, the pose made for an adorable photo.

nuzzle philly broad street surprise proposal jj studios

Joshua did a wonderful job choosing Laura’s engagement ring. The large emerald-cut diamond made an exquisite and stunning contrast to the delicate gold band on which it rested. The overall design of the ring was opulent, yet elegant, and seemed to go well with Laura’s attire that day. 

engagement ring surprise proposal photography philadelphia jj studios john ryan

J & J Studios had the newly engaged couple do an about-face so that the golden afternoon sun was streaming behind them. We love how this photo turned out, with Laura and Joshua illuminated from behind, like their happiness was beaming out from them!

couple walking philly broad st proposal

We think these shots, of Joshua and Laura’s silhouettes, turned out beautifully. The contrast made for artsy, romantic photos of this Philly surprise proposal.

philly surprise proposal photography

silhouette kiss couple surprise proposal philadelphia pa phtoographer

How cool is this double-decker carousel? This beautiful Bertazzon carousel was handmade and painted in Venice, Italy.

couple double deck carousel phialdelphia pa proposal photography couple double decker carousel philadelphia island carousels

With the holidays just around the bend, plenty of places now have white string lights decorating buildings, plants, and trees. J & J Studios made sure to take advantage of their presence in this tunnel made of greenery, as you can see in these photos of Laura and Joshua. 

lights couple winter proposal philadelphia photographer john ryan

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If you’re planning your own surprise proposal in the Philly area and want someone to photograph it, you can contact J & J Studios here. We’re incredibly discreet, so we can keep the surprise a surprise for your future fiance!


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