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J&J Studios has been fortunate to capture dozens of brands and bring them to life visually. When Dr. Robert Skalicky contacted our team to produce visuals for Modern Aesthetics, the highest-rated cosmetic surgery centers in Pennsylvania we were eager to be a part of the project. As the top Philly corporate branding photographer, we formulated a plan to rejuvenate this brand.

Headshot of Doctor

Professional plastic surgeon Philly corporate branding photographerProfessional plastic surgeon Philly corporate branding photographer

Who Is Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?

In case you’ve never heard of the Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a medical practice group that specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The company has several locations in Pennsylvania and other surrounding areas. However, for this project, we worked with the King of Prussia location, one of the upcoming counties in PA. 

Modern Aesthetic is dedicated to helping people become the best versions of themselves. They aid in boosting individuals’ self-esteem, confidence, and overall quality of life. This practice was established by Dr. Robert Skalicky who has been a board-certified plastic surgeon for thirty years. 

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During this session, we worked with the team at the Modern Aesthetic to produce some great visuals that truly captured who they were as a brand. The team desired photos that represented all aspects of the service that they provide.

Surgeon consultation process Philly corporate branding photographer

Happy smiling woman Philly corporate branding photographer

During the first half of the session, we focused on getting a few snapshots of Dr.Salicky interacting with his patients. Modern Aesthetics pride themselves on making their patients feel comfortable and confident in their ability to fulfill their needs. We got an up close and personal view of the consultation process and documented exactly how Dr. Skalicky and his team used their talent to change their patients’ lives.

Surgeon consultation process Philly corporate branding photographerConsultation Woman consulting with dr Philly corporate branding photographerOur intention for this group was to capture them in their natural settings and surround them in lots of soft lighting. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this session was having the opportunity to capture the entire procedure on camera. In these frames, we were able to capture some important aspect of a popular procedure.

Pre procedure process Philly corporate branding photographerSurgical process Philly corporate branding photographerPlastic surgeon Philly corporate branding photographerDr. with patient Philly corporate branding photographerBotox procedure Man with Dr.Salicky

Woman talking to receptionist Philly corporate branding photographerWomen in masksProcedureDr. Talkingwith patientIn-depth look at procedure

Importance of Corporate Branding Photography

In the competitive world of business, corporate branding is an essential part of a company’s marketing plan. When you combine photography it all allows companies to develop a connection in the minds and hearts of the people they serve. As the top Philly corporate branding photographer, we strive to produce distinct images that provide customers an in-depth view of their favorite brands. 

We use creative images of the team, products, service process, and corporate events to help companies utilize the power of photography to visually communicate everything about their brand and to set them apart from other companies in their market segment. 

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