Philly high school senior portraits by J&J Studios

With the school year ending in Philadelphia and other cities and states across the country, J&J Studios has been gearing up to ensure that our graduates get their senior photos taken. We were excited to do this Philly high school senior portraits session as well as celebrate these two seniors’ achievements.Philly high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosSenior getting picture taken by J&J StudiosSenior graduateHigh school graduate by John RyanPhiladelphia high school senior

Why Should You Invest in Philly high school Senior Portraits?

Senior portraits are very important as they are a substantial part of the senior’s life. This is the ending and beginning of important milestones in their lives. By investing in senior portraits, you will be able to look back and remember this proud moment. This moment is just as important for the senior as it is for their parents and family.  Philly high school seniorPhilly high school graduatePhilly high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosPhilly high school senior portraits by John RyanPhilly high school senior portraits by J&J Studios

Celebrate This Achievement

Whether these past 13 years were easy or hard, graduating high school is worth celebrating. Your child worked diligently to get to this moment, and you should consider documenting it to have as a keepsake. You can use these photos to hand out to family and friends, hang in your home to look at, or to post on social media to show the world how proud you are. As a result, your senior will feel appreciated and self-satisfied in their accomplishments. Graduating high school is a remarkable feat, and J&J Studios is so proud of all our high school senior clients. Philly high school senior portraits by John RyanSibling graduates by J&J StudiosPhilly high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosPhilly high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosPhilly high school graduates

What Does A Senior Portrait Photo Session Entail?

J&J Studios celebrates and congratulates the high school graduating class of 2021. To prepare for this photo session, we ask that you show up with your cap and gown as well as a nice outfit that you would like your photos taken in. Be ready to smile and show how proud you are of your huge achievement. We know how hard you worked to get to this big milestone in your life, and we are ready to document it for you and your family.Philly high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia high school senior portraits by J&J StudiosPhilly high school senior portraits family

Parents: You Have The Right to Pat Yourself on The Back Too!

This is a huge event that parents should be just as proud about as the senior who is graduating. You, as parents, have pushed your child and guided them to this very moment for the past 18 years. We enjoy when our parents join our Philly high school senior portraits because we love seeing the happiness and proudness on their faces. We can easily see the joy and thrill that they feel after realizing that their guidance has brought their child to this big day. At J&J Studios, we celebrate this accomplishment with the parents as well as the senior students. Philadelphia high school graduates by J&J StudiosHappy seniors in Philly by J&J Studios

Book J&J Studios for Your Philly High School Senior Portraits

If you know a high school senior who is graduating and needs senior portraits, consider getting in touch with J&J Studios. We are always happy to commemorate our high school seniors for their special day coming up. Our team will ensure that you are pleased with your photo package and eager to show off your awesome graduate. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, contact us today and we will begin planning the best senior picture photo shoot that you can imagine.


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