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It’s no secret. The wedding industry is a multi-million dollar business that taps into people’s desire to commemorate the biggest day of their life with a big and lavish ceremony. However, in the past year due to COVID-19 small and intimate weddings have quickly replaced such extravagant ceremonies. Several of our brides have been forced to significantly change their wedding plans. As a Philly micro wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of shooting all kinds of weddings ranging from elopements, at-home ceremonies, and City Hall nuptials but there’s nothing like the intimacy of a micro wedding.

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What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a small wedding ceremony that typically only consists of 50 guests or less. Micro weddings are one of the safest and most responsible ways to celebrate your big day. 

Philly Micro Wedding Photographer

Over the past few months, we’ve shot several micro weddings. Erika and Domingo, Rob and Archana are two intimate ceremonies that turned out absolutely amazing If you’re interested in celebrating your upcoming nuptials with close family and friends a micro wedding may be ideal for you and your significant other. How can you make the event safe for you and your guest during these uncertain times?


  1. Require guests to wear protective face coverings

Perhaps the best way you can help keep you and your loved ones safe during your wedding celebration is to enforce local ordinance when it comes to wearing masks in public settings. At Erika and Domingo’s wedding, there was a mask check at the entrance of the church. Any guests that weren’t wearing a protective face covering wasn’t permitted into the church.

Philly Micro Wedding Photographer

Masked couple

happy bridesBridal party in masks


2. Follow A 6ft Distance Seating Arrangement

Gone are the days of packed halls and long banquet tables. Social distancing guidelines should apply when you are developing the seating arrangement for your wedding. Tables should be set six feet apart with a maximum of ten people at each table.

Seating arrangement

Guests in MasksSix feet distance Philly Micro Wedding Photographer

What about during the ceremony? If the ceremony is taking place at church making a seating plan will be effortless. As your guests arrive you can have them seated six feet apart from one another. For Erika and Domingo’s wedding, we set instructions on the church pew to direct the guests to the appropriate width apart.

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Philly Micro Wedding Photographer bride and groom 3. Skip the Buffet Meals

If you’re thinking of a buffet dining style during your reception you should definitely think again. Skip the buffet meals and opt for individual meals served to each guest. 

Served Food at Philly Micro Wedding Photographer

Serving food in masks4. Consider an outdoor venue

Many of our couples like Archana and Rob have decided to bring the party outdoors by celebrating their union at a beautiful outdoor venue. Although Archana and Rob held their ceremony in a church they decided to host the reception at a beautiful outdoor venue. The outdoor space was stunning and complemented by the beauty of nature. 


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Searching for a creative Philly micro wedding photographer? Quarantine doesn’t stop real love. Here at J&J Studios, we can help make this joyous occasion even more special by producing beautiful visuals that you and your significant other will cherish forever. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 



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