Philly personal branding photo shoot by J&J Studios

Our team had the opportunity of capturing photos of Anna Yang to use for her personal branding. Throughout this article, I will explain what personal branding is and how it can benefit you. I will also introduce you to Anna Yang and show you the incredible photos we took of her. Anna Yang playing violin by J&J StudiosViolin player by J&J Studios

Who is Anna Yang?

Anna Yang is a Philadelphia musical artist who enjoys playing the violin. She often plays for herself as well as others and takes pride in creating beautiful music. Violins are amazing string instruments that were created in Italy in the 16th century. They are commonly known as a “fiddle,” are very small, and make high-pitched sounds.

As a professional violinist and a violin teacher, Anna wanted photos that show her in the moment of playing her violin. J&J Studios loves listening to artists create music, so we jumped at the opportunity to photograph Anna. She immediately blew us away with her talent and career pursuits. Professional violinist by J&J StudiosPersonal branding shot by J&J StudiosViolin teacher by J&J Studios

What Is Personal Branding and How Can It Benefit You?

Personal branding is creating, defining, and promoting what you enjoy doing, stand for, or are passionate about. A personal brand is all about an individual’s experiences and skills. It is very important as it can help you stand out among other applicants and professionals in your industry. For Anna Yang, her personal branding involves being a professional violin player. This is her career as well as passion.

Our goal for this personal branding photo shoot was to create professional images that represented Anna in her element. This type of photo shoot works well for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to show the world their talents, abilities, or creations. Our crew photographed Anna playing violin in hopes that she can use these photos on her website, social media, or in her office. When others look at these photos, they will see that she is truly a professional violinist and want to book her to teach them or hire her to perform at their event.

If you are an instrument player, painter, singer, or any other type of artist, booking a personal branding photo shoot is a good idea. It can definitely help you gain new clients or career opportunities in your field. In addition, it is a lot of fun to get photos taken while doing whatever passion you may have. Philly personal branding session by J&J StudiosMusical artist by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia personal branding by J&J Studios

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