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Expanding a family is a wonderful thing. Adding another member to a family brings more joy and love to that family as a whole. You can commemorate the newest addition to your family in many ways. One of these methods of commemoration is photography. Having a photo shoot with your newborn is an easy way to capture the earliest days of their life forever. J & J Studios is the Philly premier newborn photographer. We love taking photos of families, especially at such a joyous time!

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Why Should You Consider a Newborn Photography Session?

In short, babies grow up quickly. After all, it’s their job to grow! One moment, you’re waking up every few hours to feed them, and then they’re walking, and then talking, and suddenly you can have a conversation with your little kid! So, having quality photos taken when they’re the littlest they’ll ever be can help preserve the memory of these early days in your child’s life. 

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It’s essential to capture the most important moments in your life. Welcoming a baby into your family is undeniably an important life event. Lots of parents are too exhausted and/or overwhelmed to remember to take pictures of their newest family member. So, don’t worry about doing it all yourself. Instead, trust the Philly premier newborn photographer to do it for you! 

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Where Should You Do Your Newborn Photography Session?

J & J Studios has found that the most popular locations for newborn photography sessions are either at the family’s home, or in our Lafayette Hill studio. We photographed this gorgeous family at our photography studio. But whether you choose to have your newborn photography session at home or in-studio, you’ll get wonderful results from J & J Studios!

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Choosing to have your newborn photos taken in-studio is a great option, because we’ll have all our tools and equipment at our immediate disposal. So, if you get a last-minute idea, we can make it happen easily! Plus, if you choose to have your newborn photos taken in our studio, you don’t have to clean your house if you don’t want to. No one will be able to tell from your photos that you haven’t dusted in three weeks! 

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Some families choose their own homes as their newborn photography location. This is another awesome option, especially for parents who are nervous or shy around cameras. It can also put any siblings at ease, especially if they might have been overwhelmed by going to a new place to be photographed by strangers. Having your newborn photography session in your home can also make it easy to include pets in your photo shoot. After all, they’re family members, too! 

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When Should You Do Your Newborn Photography Session?

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Newborn photography sessions should take place very soon after birth. Ideally, they would be scheduled for the first two weeks of the baby’s life. This is an ideal time to have a newborn photography session, because at that age, the main activity of a newborn is sleeping. If your baby is asleep in most of your photos, you’ll be more likely to get peaceful pictures of your little bundle of joy!

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Baby Names: Cecile

This adorable baby girl has a name just as pretty as she is: Cecile. Cecile is a popular French name, based on the Latin name Cecilia. Cecilia is an old Roman family name, and means either “blind,” or “heavenly lily,” depending on the word or phrase on which you base the name’s meaning. It’s similar to the name of a well-known saint, Saint Cecilia, who is considered the patron saint of music and musicians.

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No matter what definition of Cecile you prefer, it’s a dainty-sounding name that seems to bounce off the tongue as you say it. This loveliness is a large part of the reason that Cecile has remained a classic name for so long. It’s likely to continue to be a classic for a long time! 

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Newborn Photography Session

baby girl philly premier newborn photographer

Cecile behaved so well during her session with J & J Studios! She spent most of it sleeping. Because she’s a baby girl, we used pink backgrounds and accessories. Pink has been considered the color that indicates a baby girl for decades now. 

sleeping newborn baby girl photography

Baby Cecile looked snug as a bug in a rug when she was swaddled in this soft pink blanket. The blush flowers on her headband help accent her thick, beautiful head of hair!

pink swaddle newborn baby girl

In the next photo, Cecile was wrapped in her pink swaddle again. This time, she lay in a basket. This type of basket bassinet is also called a Moses basket bassinet. Fittingly, the name originates from the Biblical story of Moses. It’s said that he was found floating in a basket on the Nile by an Egyptian princess. We love the contrast of the green leaves against the pink blanket swaddle!

newborn baby girl in moses basket bassinet

Cecile’s Mom and Dad are completely in love with their little daughter! They each choose to dress primarily in white. These clothing choices helped make Cecile, in her pink blanket, stand out!

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J & J Studios has a little prop bed, the perfect size for newborn babies! Cecile certainly seemed to enjoy it. She was fast asleep as she laid on the tiny bed! 

newborn baby girl on tiny bed

Mom and Cecile snuggled on this plush shag carpet. Cecile was completely at ease, and her Mom had a small smile resting on her face. It’s a sweet, loving photo that we’re sure they’ll treasure forever!

mom and daughter snuggling on carpet

Look at Cecile’s beautiful, peaceful face while she sleeps! We loved the position of her headband, too. With its pink, ivory, and silver flowers, it looked like almost like a crown. That’s definitely appropriate for this little princess!

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