Please Touch Museum Wedding by J&J Studios

On a recent spring day, J&J Studios was given the opportunity to document a Please Touch Museum wedding. This unique wedding day turned out to be phenomenal. We’re excited to introduce you to the couple, tell you their story, and show you the incredible photos we captured. Please Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosSara and Asaf by J&J StudiosAsaf and Sara's Wedding Day by J&J Studios

Meet The Newly Married Couple: Sara and Asaf

To simply put it, Sara and Asaf are a great match. They are a happy, fun couple who enjoyed getting into character during their wedding photo shoot. Our team spent a lot of time with Asaf and Sara and got to know a lot about their story. These two met on Jswipe, which is an online dating app directed toward Jewish singles. After getting to know each other through text messages, Asaf and Sara had their first date. This took place at Oscar’s Tavern on Samson Street in Philadelphia.

The couple described their first date as amazing. They sat inside the dimly lit bar and talked for hours about almost everything. They never got bored with each other and realized they had so much in common. Sara and Asaf decided that night that they wanted to continue their conversations and are so grateful that it led them to the greatest day of their lives, their wedding day.

When our lead photographer asked the couple what they love most about each other, Sara mentioned Asaf’s passion for life and hunger to learn new things. Asaf explained that he loves Sara’s sense of humor, which was a big deal for him when searching for a partner. These two are perfect for each other, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. We know that this fantastic couple deserves nothing but the best!Please Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosSara and Asaf's Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J Studios

The Proposal

We know everyone enjoys hearing about proposals, so our team members eagerly asked for all the details. Without hesitation, the bride and groom happily told us their proposal story. Before they moved in together, Asaf lived at The Dorchester which is a condominium building in Rittenhouse. While dating, they would walk around this beautiful neighborhood in Philadelphia and people watch as well as dog watch, which Sara implied was more important since she loves dogs. As a couple who spent a lot of days and weekends strolling Rittenhouse Square, it made sense that this would be the location of their proposal.

Asaf made reservations for the two to eat at the Parc, a fancy French restaurant in the Rittenhouse neighborhood. When the couple arrived for their reservation, Asaf was acting very nervous, causing Sara to think that something was up. They enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, and Asaf got down on one knee once they finished eating. He asked her to marry him, but she quickly interrupted with a “Yes” before he could even get all the words out! The lovely couple toasted to their new life together with champagne and macarons, and they were ready to begin planning the wedding as soon as the night ended.

Sara and Asaf spent a lot of time planning their wedding because they wanted everything to be perfect. They also wanted their wedding day to represent their personality and relationship accurately. Sara indicated that the wedding planning was an overwhelming whirlwind at times, but she really did enjoy the experience overall and would not change a thing.Asaf and Sara's Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosWedding at Please Touch Museum by J&J Studios

Please Touch Museum Wedding

The Please Touch Museum is a children’s interactive museum located in the middle of downtown Philadelphia. All the exhibits are hands-on, which aims to teach children from ages 7 and younger. The Please Touch Museum is a top-rated museum in the area, and it is one of the few museums in the country that encourages people to “please touch” everything.

We never thought of this facility as a wedding venue, but Asaf and Sara quickly changed our minds once we seen how perfectly their wedding turned out to be. We recommend this place to all our future couples looking for a unique and wonderful experience on their wedding day. As you can see, it made for excellent pictures of the married couple! If you are interested in checking out the Please Touch Museum as a potential venue or would just like to visit with your children, it can be found at 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131. Our team of photographers hope to shoot more weddings at this intriguing location in the future.Groom getting ready by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosBride getting ready by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosGroom waiting at altar by J&J StudiosBride walking down aisle by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J Studios

The Wedding Day

Sara and Asaf’s wedding day was a blast! We started our day by capturing the bride and bridesmaids and groom and groomsmen getting ready. The couple truly put their own twist on all the unique and incredible wedding details. The ceremony was beautiful, listening to the bride and groom agreeing to become one and spend their lives together forever. Then, they exchanged rings, shared an intimate kiss, and were announced as husband and wife.  Please Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J Studios

After the wedding ceremony, our photographers snuck away with the couple and captured photos of them with the exhibits. This was lots of fun, and we felt like it would give them a true representation of their Please Touch Museum wedding. The wedding reception began, and everyone started dancing, singing, and playing instruments for the couple. At one point, the crowd even picked Sara and Asaf up in their chairs and began cheering and celebrating. We quickly felt the happiness that everyone in the room shared for this newly married couple.Wedding details by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J StudiosWedding cake by J&J StudiosWedding details by J&J Studios

The Please Touch Museum Wedding Details

Every little detail of this Please Touch Museum wedding was very unique and worth documenting for the couple. We watched all the guests go around the room and look at the decorations in awe. Sara put her style and personality into every detail of their wedding day, as she is someone who loves the mysterious goth style. We came across several skeleton decorations, little caskets with skeleton couples inside, and beautiful black feathers for table decorations. The cake was a true hit with its black and gold icing and two skulls laying on its side. In a lovely corner of the room, there was also a table of photos honoring the people who were missed at the wedding. We could tell that these individuals meant a lot to the couple, and they wanted to observe them a spot in their wedding.

J&J Studios was highly impressed with all the details of this wedding day. We felt like this couple made sure to include details that made their day special and unique to them. As a result, the guests could take one look at the decorations and immediately know that this wedding was for Sara and Asaf. Our team feels like weddings are more meaningful and better to look back on when the couple personalizes their day. It doesn’t feel like a generic wedding from a magazine, and, instead, fits your distinctive style and personality.

Carousel ride by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J Studios

A Carousel Ride to End the Special Day

After the reception was over and the party ended, we followed the couple for a magical carousel ride. This was the perfect way to end the fabulous day. The carousel was lit up, and it seemed like a significant moment seeing the married couple enjoy the carousel together. We are so glad that we were able to capture these photos for them because our team felt like it was a great addition to their Please Touch Museum wedding, where everyone was able to be big kids having fun again. Although no one wanted the day to end, there was happiness on their faces after realizing the day was successful. Congratulations Sara and Asaf! We wish you the best in all your future endeavors together.Please Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosCouple dancing by J&J StudiosCutting the cake by J&J StudiosPlease Touch Museum Wedding by J&J StudiosRemembering loved ones by J&J Studios

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