Kate and Del’s Longwood Gardens post-wedding shoot was simply amazing. This day was really special for this couple because it was also their wedding day. Kate and Del reached out to us a few weeks ago because they wanted to celebrate their upcoming nuptials in a special way. Our team of photographers helped them come up with a concept that was creative and something that they would cherish forever.

Del and Kate kiss

Longwood Gardens post wedding Shoot

Married couple by the river during posts wedding shoot

In love with you (Post- wedding shoot)

Kate and Del’s Love Story

Kate and Del had your classic boy meets girl love story. Fate brought them together on what’s typically the busiest day in Philadelphia. They met Labor Day weekend at a local coffee shop where they engaged in a brief conversation that left a lasting impression in Del’s mind. ” I could instantly tell that she was different. She was so beautiful and I loved her aura,” Del recalled as he reflected on the day they first met. The couple had a whirlwind romance that got serious rather quickly. Together they love to cook, travel, visiting beautiful parks, and basking in scenic views.

Del and Kate Road to Marriage

The day Del asked Kate to be his wife will be a day they’ll always remember. Del proposed at a place that was sentimental to both of them. He asked her to marry him at the Kennedy Center which is where the couple shared their first kiss. Kate describes it as the best day of her life.

Kate and Del wasted no time in planning their wedding. However, due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, the couple decided to have a small and intimate wedding. They desire to have a unique wedding that was authentic to who they are which is why they decided to have the wedding ceremony at Great Falls Virginia which is one of the most popular outdoor spaces in the Washington D.C. area. The dramatic waterfalls, the calming never-ending flow of the Potomac River, and the sweeping view of the mountains make Great Falls a beautiful place to elope.

Longwood Gardens Post Wedding Shoot

Kate and Del tied the knot on October 30, 2020. They decided t celebrate their nuptials with a shoot at Longwood Gardens which is one of their favorite places to visit in Philadelphia and then have dinner at a nice restaurant that evening. So they drove up from D.C and met us at the location it was I.posting that we nail this session for the newly wedded couple so we asked them to describe their favorite photo that they took together. So they showed us one that was taken during their engagement session which featured the Kennedy Center. The color-changing leaves In the background enhanced the photo. Kate expressed that she preferred photo styles that were light, bright, and vivid.

Happy newlyweds during posts wedding.shoot

Beautiful Longwood Gardens shoot

Extravagant waterfall sceneNewly weds posts wedding.shoot

Wife staring into husband's eyes with love

Newly weds indoor garden during Longwood Gardens posts wedding shoot

Show off the ring

Epic Post-wedding shoot

Kate had several specific spots throughout Longwood Gardens where she wanted our photographers to capture some visual of her and Del. She provided us with a map so that it was easy to find each location.

Stroll through Longwood.Gardens

Couple.smiling.in breathtaking garden during post-wedding shoot.

Mr and Mrs.

After wedding shoot

Hand on husband chest during post- wedding shoot

Stunning garden scene with newly wed couple

Just married post-wedding shoot

Kissing in the sun

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