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Karen is a highly-skilled professional with well over twenty years in her industry. She contacted the J&J Studios team just over a month ago to schedule a corporate headshot session in hopes of rebranding her image and exploring new opportunities. The visuals that we produced during this shoot allowed our client’s true self to shine through. As the top Pottstown Corporate Headshot Photographer, we are committed to producing high-quality headshots that help our clients get results.

Karen at J&J Studios Pottstown Corporate Headshots Photographer Shot By John Ryan

Pottstown Corporate Headshots Photographer

High-quality corporate headshots are critical now more than ever. In a social distancing and social media age, more people are conducting business online. The first thing prospective employers, clients, and customers look at is your profile picture. Corporate headshots allow business professionals to establish a credible online presence. No doubt, your professional portraits should reflect your core values, your business, and what you have to offer. These visuals set the tone and build trust. 

In this Pottstown corporate headshots session, Karen desired a simple yet powerful corporate visual that she planned on using on her new website. That’s why for this shoot we opted for neutral background hues that would all focus on our client. In addition, we set up a special lighting scheme that cast just the right amount of lighting on Karen’s beautiful skin.

Beautiful smiling woman in Studio Pottstown Corporate Headshots Photographer Shot By John Ryan Professional woman smurking in studio location Pottstown Shot By John Ryan.

For corporate headshots, we always suggest to our clients that they dress in professional business attire. Karen definitely didn’t disappoint. She kept it simple with a black blazer, white top, and beautiful pearl necklace that accentuated her outfit. This was the perfect look for a shoot of this nature. Overall, our session with Karen went smoothly. She loved the way the visuals we produced came out and is eager to use them.

Businesswoman photoshoot at studio Pottstown Corporate Photographer Shot By John Ryan

How To Take Good Corporate Headshots

No doubt, every successful business professional knows that first impressions are everything. Clean headshots show prospective employers, clients, and customers exactly who it is that they are supporting. Check out these three essential tips for taking great photos during your headshot session:

1. It’s best to wear clothes that accurately reflect your brand. As a corporate giant wearing professional attire during your headshot session is a must. 

2. Personality is everything. How do you want to come across to potential employers or clients? Easygoing, down to earth, all business or a balance of them both?

3. Relax! From the moment our clients walk into our studio location we want them to feel at home. Once you let your guard down you’ll be surprised at how many amazing photos we can capture in a short amount of time. 


Top Pottstown Corporate Headshots Photographer

It’s time to update your corporate headshots. As one of the top-rated Pottstown Corporate headshots photographers, we have years of experience in producing high-quality visuals that tell your story and depict who you are as a businessman or businesswoman. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your shoot. 

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