Some of the most beautiful moments we’ve had over the years involve watching two souls in love decide to become one. J&J Studios the privilege of watching Nick and Ashley become engaged. This Race Street pier proposal session  was truly a heartwarming moment and documenting this special occasion for this lovely couple was lots of fun.

Race Street Pier proposal

Happy newly engaged couple Race Street Pier Proposal Session


When Ashley and Nick Met

Ashley and Nick had the classic boy meets girl Love Story. They met at a grocery store on a random weekday. They both reached on the same shelf and Nick couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. However, it wasn’t until they ended up at the same busy checkout line when they sparked up a conversation.

“Surprisingly, we ended up having a nice conversation and I couldn’t let her walk away without asking for her number.” They went on date two weeks later and they had a fun date with meaningful conversation.

Race Street Pier Proposal Session

If you let Nick tell it, from the moment he met Ashley he knew that she would be his wife. There was something unique about her and after their first date he quickly figured out what it was. Ashley was such a genuine and caring person. Everything just flowed so naturally and he loved the fact that he could be himself with her. After dating for two years, he decided about a month ago that he would propose to her before the year was over.


Nick contacted us a few weeks ago for our help in documenting his surprise proposal. He planned for the proposal to take place on Race Street Pier on December 4, 2020, at 3 pm. Nick had an ensemble of champagne set up at the end of the pier. His proposal plan went just as planned.

Wine and table prop

Bottle of wine

Ashley and Nick Engagement Prop

Guy standing in the rain during proposal

Nick and Ashley Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Race Street Pier Proposal in the rainy

Nick proposing during Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Happy woman Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Couple kissing Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Nick and Ashley's Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Ashley showing off ring Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Happy bride to be Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Our teams stayed out of sight the entire time per Nick’s wishes. We were still able to capture the visuals of the entire proposal. As Nick got down onto one knee, Ashley eagerly said yes before he could even finish his proposal. Once she said yes to his proposal the couple’s parents and closed loved ones made  their surprise appearance. Her parents happily embraced the newly engaged couple. It was truly a beautiful moment.

Mom hugging newly engaged daughger

Group picture at Race Street Pier Proposal Session

Family and friends

Pier engaged couple

Race Street Pier Proposal champagne

Lovely couple

Wedding Vision

Although the company has yet started the wedding planning process they agreed that their ideal wedding would include their close friends and family. “We don’t want a big ceremony. Something intimate and well-designed is all we need,” Ashley remarked with a big smile on her face after the proposal. The couple does plan on tying the knot in the upcoming year.

 Book J&J Studios For Your Proposal

Nick expressed his satisfaction with working with our team. We were happy that we were able to come through for this overly couple. For such an important moment it only lasts a few seconds. A proposal is one moment that you never want to forget. What better way to ensure that your proposal stays close to your memory than you capturing it on camera. Our team can help you make this moment even more special by versing every moment leading up to those last few seconds. If you’re interested in learning more contact us to book a consultation today.



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