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Tiffany and Nick had an entirely enchanting engagement photography session in the Reading, PA area at multiple historic and beautiful local sites. J & J Studios was happy to capture these memories!

How Nick and Tiffany Met

Tiffany’s aunt, who has been Tiffany’s hairdresser for twenty years, set Tiffany up with Nick. She must have known that they’d be a great match – and she was right! You only have to look at the way these two gaze at each other with so much love in their eyes to see that they’re wonderful together.  

engaged couple bench laughingAbout Tiffany and Nick

Nick and Tiffany are animal lovers! They own a cat, and Nick grew up raising ducks. 

couple looking at each otherWhen asked what she loves about Nick, Tiffany gave J & J Studios a long list of his stellar character qualities. She loves “his sense of humor, kindness, integrity, [work] ethic, and thoughtfulness.” 

engagement reading paNick sounds like he’s also a romantic. He proposed to Tiffany at a bonfire on the night of their second anniversary, right before they moved in together. Both of their families, as well as their closest friends, got to witness Nick ask Tiffany this important question. As soon as Tiffany answered, fireworks lit up the night sky! 

black and white barnOley, PA

We think these pictures, taken in Oley, PA, are so charming! Our favorites are the photos J & J Studios took of this happy couple by the bonfire. They’re a wonderful reference to Nick’s radiant proposal to Tiffany!

sun backlit proposal

couple dancing by bonfireStokesay Castle Engagement Session

This gorgeous stone castle, inspired by and named for a thirteenth-century British castle, was built by Mr. Heister for his fiance in 1931. The original property spanned ten acres, and local materials and craftsmen created the castle, used as a vacation home by the family until 1956. In 1956, the Stokesay Castle was purchased by a group that converted it into a restaurant in the 1907s until 2007. In 2009 Jack Gulati purchased Stokesay Castle, saving it from a negative fate. Mr. Gulati dedicated millions to the restoration and upgrading of the castle, its ballroom, and its surrounding grounds. Stokesay Castle currently functions as a beautiful and historic restaurant and event venue. 

castle kiss engagementreading pa castle engagementreading pa engaged couplePandemic Planning

Though COVID has made wedding planning difficult in some ways for Tiffany and Nick, they assert that “overall [it] has been a wonderful and fun experience!” They describe J & J Studios work during their engagement shoot as “wonderful! He was flexible, creative, and had fun with the shots.”

engagement pool photodramatic bar kissThe Pagoda – Reading, PA

These shots were taken at the Pagoda, which has become a symbol of Reading, Pennsylvania over the years since it was completed in 1908. It was intended to be the centerpiece of a luxury resort, but when the plans for the resort were abandoned, the Pagoda was donated to the city of Reading, PA in 1911. The Pagoda is still owned by the city today, and it is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

pagoda reading pa engagementHappily Ever After

J & J Studios would like to heartily thank both Tiffany and Nick for choosing us to capture their enchanting engagement photography. If you like what you’ve seen here, please feel free to contact us today – we’d be happy to do something just as beautiful for you, whether it’s for an engagement, a wedding, a graduation, or any other important event. 


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