fairmount water works engagement

fairmount water works engagement

Renee + Elliot had a gorgeous Philadelphia elopement session at the Fairmount Water Works on September 21, 2020. Even in the midst of a pandemic, these two beautiful people decided to bring joy by celebrating their love and uniting their lives. The day was sunny and bright, perfect for such a happy occasion.

waterworks elopement photography

Elliot almost broke down into tears when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time. For emotional elopement photography, look no further than J&J Studios. We are subtle enough to capture raw emotion, but also make our clients feel comfortable so those emotions can be captured.

elopement officiant philadelphia

A close friend of the family officiated the ceremony as the couple lovingly gazed into each other’s eyes.

elopement vows philadelphia

Renee struggled to hold back tears as she said her “I dos,” while Elliot couldn’t keep himself from smiling ear to ear as he looked at his stunning wife-to-be.

elopement ceremony in philadelphia

The comb in Renee’s hair was gorgeous and brought glamour to her outfit and to the wedding. She balanced its size and drama with delicate matching jewelry.renee and elliot first kissOnce they were declared husband and wife, Renee and Elliot shared a passionate, yet tender, first kiss. J & J Studios captured this as Renee’s long veil blew in the breeze.

renee and elliot walking away

The Fairmount Water Works is a fantastic pick for an elopement location, especially on a gorgeous day like the one Renee and Elliot chose. Not only is the Fairmount Water Works historically significant to the city of Philadelphia, it is also near the water and beautifully designed. Choosing the Fairmount Water Works as the location of your wedding is a terrific way to honor Philadelphia’s history and beauty, and your own love for this one-of-a-kind city.

eliot tux dashingElliot looked dashing and debonair in his jacquard tux. He definitely matched the gorgeous glamour of his wife’s outfit!

renee and elliot wedding bands ringsThe couple chose rings that matched their wedding outfits. Elliot chose a masculine but refined black brushed band, while Renee chose a lovely diamond eternity band.

renee dress funRenee showed off to J & J Studios that her dress was not only dazzling, but also fun!

renee and elliot cheek kissElliot gave Renee a sweet kiss on the cheek as she beamed in this portrait by the water.

renee and elliot dancingThe couple showed their charming side by dancing in the sunlight with the water as the backdrop.

renee and eliiot closeup kissWe love this picture because it really shows the love between Renee and Elliot, and also the wonderful details on their wedding outfits!

renee and eliiot backlitJ & J Studios got creative with the lighting here, and the effect is illuminating and magical.

renee and elliot downtown philly kiss

Renee and Elliot made sure not only to show their love for each other, but also for the city of Philadelphia. Between the couple and the city, talk about a stunning photo!

Renee and Elliot stairs The happy newlyweds completed the night with an alluring evening portrait. We like how the chandelier is visible in the window!


We’re so honored we got to be a part of this delightful wedding day. For your downtown Philadelphia wedding, engagement, and elopement photography needs, contact J & J Studios today – we’d love to work with you, wherever you are and whatever the occasion!

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