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øBeautiful proposals are not just the stuff of romantic and rom-com movies – they happen in real life, too! Umang asked Avani to marry him at Pennsylvania’s gorgeous and lush Longwood Gardens, and it was the stuff of dreams. J & J Studios captured that romantic proposal in all its loveliness!


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How to Have a Romantic Proposal

There are a few things that can help make your proposal as movie-magical as possible. J & J Studios has seen a lot of proposals in our time. So, we have a few tips that may help you!

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First, consider the location where you plan on proposing. There are many different things that can make a location ideal for popping the question. A significant location, whether for one member of a couple or for the relationship, can be a great choice. Alternatively, a location that is incredibly beautiful can make for gorgeous engagement photos, like Avani and Umang’s photos here!

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Second, prepare for the proposal. This can mean writing out and/or practicing what you’re going to say or practicing a performance you plan on including. It can also mean buying the ring, or decorating the space where you plan on asking. Or, like Umang, hiring a photographer to capture the whole thing!

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Third, make sure your proposal comes from your heart and speaks to the heart of the person you’re asking to marry you. Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is one of the most vulnerable moments many people will experience. If you’re insincere, it can show during a high-stakes moment. Also, make sure that your proposal is something that will make your partner happy, as well. For example, if they are incredibly shy, it would likely be better to propose in a secluded place, rather than using the Jumbotron at a sporting event.

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The Proposal Location: Longwood Gardens

Umang can really pick them – whether it’s his future wife or the location where he proposes, he’s a man of taste! Before asking her to marry him, Umang chose to guide Avani to a rock ledge overlooking a waterfall and its pool. Then, he knelt in front of her, showed her the ring, and asked her to marry him – and she said yes!

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J & J Studios loves how the photos of Umang’s proposal and Avani’s “yes” turned out! The proposal location was stunning, and Avani and Umang looked ecstatic, which are both beautiful things to see!

man kneeling and kissing woman's hand

Despite its name, Longwood Gardens is also known for its many and intricate fountains, as you can see in the photos from Avani and Umang’s engagement session!

romantic longwood gardens proposal

These photos, taken between rows of trees, reminded J & J Studios of artwork of the public gardens in Paris, France. That inspiration, coupled with this charming, enamoured couple, makes these photos so romantic!

romantic couple among trees

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