There are so many benefits to having a quality, professional headshot photography of yourself. For one thing, people are visual, so having professional headshots is essential to making you stand out and be remembered by them later. We love these professional headshots of Julia Tucker, one of J & J Studios’ very own contributing freelance writers!

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Who Uses Professional Headshots

Professional headshots aren’t only used for those with jobs in the corporate sector. Professional entertainers, such as comedians, actors, dancers, and singers use them as well. Freelance writers like Julia, designers, and other remote workers can benefit from having professional headshots on their profiles, too. We’ll list the reasons professional headshots are important below!

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Why You Should Have Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are an ideal way to make a positive first impression on those with whom you’ll be interacting, whether you’ll be interacting at a job interview or over Zoom. In this age of social media and casual sharing of our lives, many of the images of people on the internet aren’t necessarily polished enough to post on a professional site or profile, for example. Professional headshots show you at your best: in professional dress and grooming, looking personable.

roxborough professional headshot photography

Professional headshots are also an awesome means to establish the expectations of the employers or clients who are considering whether or not to hire you. These pictures of you help put a face to the name for potential employers or clients. So, if you meet with them in person, the person you’re meeting will know to look for you, specifically. This can prevent confusion and delays so you all can get down to business!

roxborough pa professional headshots photography

Professional headshots also show others that you are serious about your business, no matter what type of business that is. They show you care about what you do, because you care about how you present yourself. That means you’ll most likely also care about what they do!

Meet Julia Tucker

Julia is a North Carolina native who now resides in Philadelphia, PA. She has years of experience as a writer in various positions and industries, and also has experience in public policy.

Julia Tucker Phialdelphia

Julia chose a crisp white blazer for her professional headshot photography session. However, she also added a pop of color with her bright pink button-down shirt, and a sense of fun with her medium-wash jeans. She looks like the type of writer we would hire – if we hadn’t hired her already!

roxborough pa professional headshot photography

Contact J & J Studios for Your Professional Headshot Photography Session Today!

In the happy medium between a social media profile picture and a formal portrait, everyone can benefit from having professional headshots to use wherever you need them. If you love these pictures of one of J & J Studios’ writers, Julia Tucker, you can schedule a session too!

J & J Studios has a talent for putting people at ease so they’ll look their best in their photos, no matter for what those photos will be used. Contact J & J Studios today about scheduling your own professional headshot photography session!

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