Saint Joseph's University Engagement

Isabella and James recently booked J&J Studios for their Saint Joseph’s University engagement shoot. We never knew how beautiful this campus was until we showed up for the photo session. It was a warm spring day with blooming cherry trees all around. The couple was fun, joyful, and very much in love. Their passion for each other was radiating, which we are happy to show you in our captured photos.

Engagement photo shoot by J&J Studios

Saint Joseph's University engagement

Saint Joseph's University engagement

Saint Joseph's University engagement

Saint Joseph's University photo shoot couple

About Saint Joseph’s University

Saint Joseph’s University is a private Catholic college that was established in 1851. It is located in Philadelphia and Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. Each year, this school awards bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees to graduates of various programs. It is one of the oldest and highest ranking Catholic colleges in the United States. If you have never wanted to use a college campus as the backdrop of your photo shoot, your mind will change after looking at these fantastic photos we were able to capture of Isabella and James’ Saint Joseph’s University engagement shoot.

Beautiful college campus photos

Engagement Photo Shoot by J&J Studios

Kiss photo

Love photo shoot

Candid photo by J&J Studios

Love is in the air beautiful couple shoot

Candid Moments During Engagement Shoots

We know it might sound easier said than done, but J&J Studios encourages taking candid photos during your session. In fact, candid moments are our favorite to capture for engagement shoots. All it requires is the couple to walk around, talking, kissing, hugging, and acting completely natural. The goal is for the couple to forget that the photographers are present and enjoy the moment with their significant other. You can talk about how your day went, a current event on the news, or simply about your favorite date together. Isabella and James made excellent candid photos, as they walked around hand-in-hand, giving sweet pecks, and looking deeply into one another’s eyes.

Spring Cherry Blossoms

Candid photo shootSaint Joseph's University Engagement

Isabella and James’ Saint Joseph’s University Engagement

This couple is a perfect match for each other. From the moment that we met them, we knew they were great together. We all had fun during the shoot and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Isabella and James. After photographing their engagement photos and seeing how wonderful they turned out, we have discovered that Saint Joseph’s University is one of our new favorite locations to take pictures. Everything about this campus was gorgeous!

Saint Joseph's University engagement

Saint Joseph's University Engagement

Engagement shoot at Saint Joseph's University

We were even able to capture them wearing their Saint Joseph’s University school pride shirts! As you can see from Isabella and James’ shirts, the mascot is a hawk, and the colors are red and gray. James told us the school’s motto is “The Hawk Will Never Die.” We also learned that the university has baseball, basketball, golf, field hockey, and cross country teams. These two are very proud to rep their school.

Couple at Saint Joseph's University

Saint Joseph's University engagement shoot

Saint Joseph's University engagement shoot

Book J&J Studios for Your Engagement Session

Engagement photos are an important part of the wedding planning process. They can be used as invitations, to alert your family that you are engaged, or to have as a memory. While you may want to rush to the wedding, it is important to celebrate where you are right now in your relationship. Therefore, I say celebrating your engagement with an amazing photo shoot is a great idea! Please contact us today to begin planning your engagement photo session.


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