Spruce Street Harbor Park engagement by J&J Studios

J&J Studios had the pleasure of adventuring over to Spruce Street Harbor Park to photograph an engagement session. We had a lot of fun capturing photos of the newly engaged couple and cannot wait to tell you all about these two, their proposal, and the photo shoot location.

Engaged couple at Spruce Street Harbor Park by J&J StudiosEngaged couple holding hands by J&J StudiosCouple holding hands by J&J StudiosSpruce Street Harbor Park Engagement Shoot by J&J Studios

Alessandra and James

Alessandra and James are the happy pair celebrating their engagement in this Spruce Street Harbor Park session. They are laid back, easy going, and very much in love. While photographing the couple, we were able to learn so much about them. Alessandra and James met in Northern New Jersey in 2018 during a summer internship. These two had no idea that an internship would lead them to spending their lives together, but they are so glad that it did.

We asked them what they adore most about each other. They mentioned that they are opposites. James is the calm to Alessandra’s storm, and they are each other’s “home.” As firm believers in home being a person, we loved this description. When home is a person, most individuals describe it as being loved unconditionally with no judgements or expectations. So, we were mesmerized by James and Alessandra’s story and could not wait to celebrate and photograph their love for them. Couple sitting in a hammock by J&J StudiosSpruce Street Harbor Park photo shoot by J&J StudiosCouple in front of a ferris wheel by J&J StudiosSpruce Street Harbor Park photo shoot by J&J Studios

The Proposal

As anticipated, we asked James and Alessandra about their proposal. Alessandra gave us the detailed scoop of the magical day. James sent her on a fun and mysterious scavenger hunt around Philadelphia. She had no clue what was going on, but he had her go to many different locations around the city. Majority of these locations hold sentimental feelings as they are where the couple share many of their memories together. A few of the locations that she mentioned were the Liberty Bell, Pizza Brain, Love Park, and the Theater of Living Arts. After going to every location, she ended up at the last place which was Rittenhouse Square Park. James got down on one knee in front of everyone and asked her to marry him. It was a wonderful moment that he and Alessandra will cherish forever. Couple in front of the water by J&J StudiosCouple in front of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge by J&J StudiosPhiladelphia engagement session by J&J StudiosCouple at the Delaware River Waterfront by J&J Studios

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park is located near the Delaware River Waterfront. There are several different restaurants and places to get snacks in front of the park. You also have the choice of sitting at picnic tables, lawn chairs, or colorful hammocks. At night, the lights in the trees are seen glowing from miles away, but the best part about this park is that you are surrounded by amazing views of the Delaware River and can see various boats floating by. To check out this awesome space, visit 301 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Engagement at Spruce Street Harbor Park by J&J StudiosNewly engaged couple by J&J StudiosEngagement session by J&J StudiosSpruce Street Harbor Park Engagement session by J&J StudiosEngagement photo shoot by J&J Studios

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