couple laughing winter

Brandon and Jilian chose to have their engagement photography session at Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey. They also chose to have their engagement photography session take place at sunrise on a clear, beautiful, and peaceful morning. 

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About Brandon and Jilian

Jilian and Brandon have a long history together; they met in high school through a mutual friend. Fun fact: Jilian hates elevators, because she’s terrified to get stuck in one! When asked what she loves most about Brandon, Jilian told us, “How committed he is to our relationship and future family.”

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The Proposal

 Brandon seems like a total romantic, from what we know of how he proposed to his future wife. He proposed when the two were visiting the islands of Turks and Caicos. Brandon had Jilian fooled; she thought they were going to attend a welcome ceremony the hotel was hosting. But, when they arrived by the water, they were the only two people there. Then, Brandon proposed – and Jilian said yes!

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Wedding Planning

J & J Studios asked Brandon and Jilian how their wedding planning experience has been so far. They told us, “It’s been pretty seamless! We worked together throughout the process to ensure it is the day of our dreams!” Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. But, we’re so happy to hear that wedding planning is going so well for them!

couple sitting togetherThe Sunrise Engagement Photography Session

There were plenty of smiles and laughter to go around with this couple! They are so at ease around and with each other, and it was a beautiful thing to see.

couple with tongues outcouple laughing winter

We love these pictures, with the reflection of the bright blue sky on the barely rippling water. It’s like a mirror, and gives the pictures a feel of clarity and tranquility. 

kiss by a pondkiss by the water

Look at Jilian’s gorgeous ring! We think its classic beauty is absolutely stunning – just like this couple!

sunrise engagement photography ring

couple blanket outdoorscouple cuddled togetherBrandon and Jilian look cozy in these photos. Perhaps they needed a nap after getting up so early for their sunrise engagement photography session?

kiss dip in the snow

Jilian’s boots give these photos a lovely pop of color. We love the contrast of her red boots against the pristine white snow.

woods couple blanket

Jilian and Brandon showed us many moments of tenderness between them. These are a few of the sweetest pictures from this sunrise engagement photography session.

lift under the sun

J & J Studios also loves this picture. We think having Brandon hold Jilian in the air while the sun makes a halo around them is perfectly fitting for this joyful couple. We foresee sunny skies ahead for Jilian and Brandon!

Working with J & J Studios

couple walking from a distance

Jilian and Brandon really enjoyed their time with J & J Studios for their sunrise engagement photography session! They said their experience during their engagement session was “amazing,” and that they loved J & J Studios’ creativity and unique ideas. “We loved walking around the park with John and Denida and watching them do their thing!” Thanks, Brandon and Jilian!

More to Come!

J & J Studios was so happy to capture the love shared by this engaged couple. We’re also excited to capture their wonderful wedding day at the Inn at Woodloch

kiss on bridge

If you need some engagement photos taken, consider contacting J & J Studios today! This link will take you directly to our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and documenting your love story!



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