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A Surprise Proposal to Remember

On a sunny day in early March 2021, J & J Studios captured Joshua’s surprise proposal to his now-fiancée, Madison. J & J Studios is so honored to have been a part of this wonderful and significant moment in Madison and Joshua’s lives!

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J & J Studios loves photographing surprise proposals! They’re often both sweet and delightful events. Sometimes surprise proposals can be more or less of a surprise to the person being asked. But, surprise proposals are almost always a ton of fun for everyone! If there’s any way to make a proposal more special and wonderful, making it a surprise is one of the best ways to do so!

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The Rocky Steps

Joshua proposed to Madison on the “Rocky” steps. The “Rocky” steps is another name for the stone steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s an iconic Philadelphia landmark. These stone steps are one of Philadelphia’s most popular tourist attractions. That’s saying a lot about a metropolis like Philly, which is overflowing with arts, culture, and history, among other attractions!

Philadelphia Museum of Art Rocky Steps engagement photo

The steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art are often referred to as the “Rocky” steps because they were featured in the movie of the same name. Sylvester Stallone played the now famous boxer and son of Philadelphia. In the original Rocky film, the title character, runs up and down these stairs as he trains for his big boxing match. There’s even a statue of Rocky Balboa, the main character from the movie, on the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The statue stands with his gloved hands in the air in victory, mirroring a scene in the third Rocky movie, Rocky III.

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We loved how Madison and Joshua mirrored Rocky’s statue’s victorious stance. The now-engaged couple lifted their clasped hands in the air, just like Rocky in the statue nearby. Getting engaged is definitely an excellent reason to celebrate!

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The steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art was the perfect location for Joshua’s proposal to Madison. We’re sure you noticed the background of the stunning Philadelphia skyline behind Joshua as he proposed to Madison.

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art

This couple’s engagement photos make obvious how much they adore each other. J & J Studios loved capturing the joy and love on their faces!

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The Philadelphia Museum of Art building also has some massive and beautiful stone columns. J & J Studios made sure to use these impressive architectural details in Madison and Joshua’s engagement photography session.

Philadelphia Museum of Art columns engagement photo

Though the Philadelphia Museum of Art and its steps are beautiful, they are not the most stunning of the stones in these engagement photos. We think Madison’s engagement ring is flawlessly fabulous! The ring has a diamond eternity band and halo of diamonds surrounding the center round-cut diamond.

diamonds engagement ring

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If you’re planning a surprise proposal to your significant other, we’d love to help capture the joy and surprise on their face! Contact J & J Studios today to start coordinating an engagement photography session with us!

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