Surprise proposals can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Proposals already create an air of anticipation and excitement, but adding the delight of surprise to this event can make proposals feel unbelievably magical, and definitely make them completely unforgettable. 

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The Four Elements of a Successful Surprise Proposal

There are four elements to a successful surprise proposal. The first is to pick the way. The second is to pick the day. The third is to pick the place. And, the fourth is to pop the question and wait for the answer! 

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Picking the Way to Propose

When conducting a surprise proposal, the first thing you need to consider is how you’ll do it. This depends on two different things: your relationship with your partner, and how your partner would want to be asked. For example, if your partner is a private person, perhaps proposing using a flash mob of professional dancers in a public place is not ideal for them, or for your chances of success in asking. 

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Gregory planned with J & J Studios to capture his surprise proposal photography to Mallory. J & J Studios provided two shooters, so that we could capture the surprise proposal photography from two angles.

surprise proposal photography

Picking the Day for a Surprise Proposal

Perhaps there is a day that is significant to your relationship – an anniversary of a first date, first kiss, or first meeting, etc. Maybe there’s only one or two days a week you and your partner have no obligations. Maybe you’re taking a trip and want to begin or end it on a high note. Or, maybe it’s just a feeling you have when you wake up in the morning: today is the day. Either way, you have to pick a day to ask that special question. 

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Gregory proposed in early December, so there were Christmas decorations all over the area, which gave a cinematic effect to the surprise proposal photographs.

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Picking the Place for a Surprise Proposal

If there is a place that’s significant to you and your partner or your relationship, that might be an excellent place to propose to your significant other. 

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Under a lighted breezeway at Second and Lombard, Gregory got on one knee and proposed to Mallory. We think the twinkle lights above them mimic a starry night sky. Fantastic choice, Gregory!

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Gregory was so triumphant at Mallory’s answer, he lifted her into the air as she cried tears of joy.

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Mallory also couldn’t keep her laughter from bubbling, she was so happy. 

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Gregory showed Mallory J & J Studios, much to her surprise. 

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Hi, Gregory and Mallory!

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We love how happy and in love this winsome newly engaged couple is. They’re beaming and exuberant, which is what we love to see!

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Mallory was thrilled to show off her breathtaking ring! We think it’s classic, elegant, and gorgeous.

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If you’re planning a surprise proposal and want it to be captured, you can trust J & J Studios to be subtle while doing a beautiful job capturing your surprise proposal photography. Contact J & J Studios today!

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