swarthmore professional headshot photography

J & J Studios is delighted to present this Swarthmore professional headshot photography of our own Denida Seybert! We aspire to the healthy self-confidence she’s showing in these photos.

professional headshot photography

Why Have Professional Headshot Photography Done?

Professional, quality headshots are an important part of building a personal brand as a professional person. Headshots allow prospective business partners and clients to recognize you, and put your face to your name.

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Headshots also establish you as an adult professional. This is because professional headshots make it clear that you are someone who takes yourself and your career seriously. So, if you have professional headshots that tell people these things, those other people are much more likely to then take you seriously as a professional. In this way, quality headshots act as evidence that supports your presentation of yourself as a professional. This makes you seem more desirable to hiring managers and possible clients.

Denida Seybert and J & J Studios

Denida is a valued member of J & J Studios’ photography team. She is one of our regular-in house photographers! She frequently receives stellar reviews and comments from our clients. It’s not a surprise to us, but it’s always delightful to hear praise for one of our own team members!

professional headshot photographer

How Denida Began in Photography

Denida won her first camera by surpassing her quota in the marketing job she held at the time. She says of that camera, “I fell in love with that camera, and photography, at first use.” Denida says that her style has changed dramatically throughout the years she’s been a photographer. However, she maintains that she remains proud of every photo she’s taken. “All those photos have helped me to get to where I am now.” But, she added, “I’ve made it my mission to continue improving myself and my photography skills.”

Fun Facts about Denida

Denida draws inspiration for her photography from her family, specifically her two sons. She mentioned that there are two things she loves best about photography. The first is capturing clients’ most precious life moments so they can memorialize and remember those moments forever. Denida’s other favorite thing about photography is seeing how people’s faces light up once they finally see their completed photos.

swarthmore pa headshot photographer

Denida is a woman of many talents. Besides her talent as a photographer, she also speaks five languages!

Denida’s Professional Headshots

It is especially essential for someone like Denida to have professional headshots. Not only this, it is also necessary for those headshots to be of excellent quality. Though Denida is a fantastic photographer, having quality professional headshots is a testament to another, related skill of hers. It shows that she can tell what constitutes good work, and that she holds those with whom she works to the same high standards to which she holds herself. In addition to this, there’s a logical component. Would you want to hire a photographer with no photos of themselves on their professional profile(s)? It doesn’t seem to bode well for their work.

swarthmore professional headshot photography

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If you are in need of new or updated professional headshots, contact J & J Studios today! We would love to schedule a professional headshot photography session with you in our studio.


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