Taylor + Joe's Addison Street Proposal

When a couple reaches a certain stage in their relationship, inevitably as things hopefully move along in a positive direction the talk of engagement naturally is introduced. An engagement is the first step a couple takes to solidify the commitment they have to one another. And what better way to approach this first step in this couples life then selecting to memorialize it in beautiful pictures they can treasure for their lifetime. Such is the case for Taylor + Joe’s Addison Street Proposal.

Taylor + Joe’s Addison Street Proposal

The love that these two individuals, Taylor + Joe, have for each other is easily captured in their faces and their mutual beaming smiles. It’s almost contagious, embracing the happiness they both are feeling at this moment. As this and the following photos will show, award-winning photographer John Ryan of J&J Studios has a keen eye for catching these keepsake moments. But more about John Ryan in a moment. For now we’ll highlight Taylor + Joe’s Addison Street Proposal and how this lovely couple chose, along with John, this special moment as the note their love for each other.

Taylor + Joe Addison Street Engagement

The setting of the beautiful lights on Addison Street with the touch of evening seems to provide the perfect backdrop for hosting the engagement that is about to happen.

When it comes to the holiday season, there is one block in the Historic Rittenhouse-Fitler Square District that attracts more lovers than any other. Every week throughout the year, but especially during the festive season, couples come to the 1700 block of Addison Street to pop the question. In a recent interview, photographer John Ryan commented on the popularity of this wonderfully charming district. “It’s one of the top five locations in the City for engagements, along with the Rocky Steps and Race Street Pier.” And John Ryan would know, being the co-owner of J&J Studios which specializes in wedding, portrait, and special events photography. “They come for the lights,” he said. Residents of 1700 Addison have draped its Ginko trees with lights since 2017. The lights are up all year, not just at Christmas. “The effect is magical, especially when it snows,” said Ryan. “Those lights, combined with the orange of the streetlights above the trees, give the effect of an arch overhead illuminating the street with a warm glow. This little side street has been named by multiple different sources as one of the prettiest streets in not only Philadelphia but the Northeast United States.”

Holding arms

Taylor + Joe's Addison Street Engagement
The lovely lighted setting provided Joe with the ideal spot to make his union with Taylor official, by asking her to become his wife. Joe even went so far as to go through the traditional ask, by getting down on one knee and proposing to Taylor. From her expression, I think it’s obvious what her response was!
Accepting the ring!
showing off the ring
Taylor + Joe Addison Street Proposal
I think the embrace, kiss, and showing her lovely ring is a confirmation that Taylor was one happy young woman and was the reaction that Joe surely had hoped for!
Taylor + Joe Addison Street Proposal
The happy couple
So after the proposal has been capture, the exchange of offer and acceptance has come to a happy conclusion, it’s now time for Taylor and Joe to leave Addison Street and maybe do a bit of private celebrating the the beginning of a great time in their lives that will continue forward for the time it comes to taking vows as man & wife.
Taylor + Joe's Addison Street Proposal
Taylor and Joe were very wise for choosing John Ryan of J&J Studios as their photographer for their proposal . As mentioned earlier, John is an award-winning photographer and one of the leading wedding photographers in the Philadelphia area. However, John’s reputation stretches far beyond the border of Philadelphia, as he is known through out Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. His keen eye for capturing special moments using his arsenal of talent for selecting backdrops, lighting, poses, and mood make his photography truly treasures that those who engage his gifts truly benefit from.
If you have a special event that warrants capturing treasured moments that become treasured memories, please visit John and his team at J&J Studios of Philadelphia – you won’t be sorry!

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