Dena downtown Philly Temple University Commencement

It was finally Dena’s big day! J&J Studios had the privilege of being a part of her educational journey. A month or so ago we helped Dena commemorate yet another major accomplishment. Our team took her Philadelphia Pharmacy School graduation photographs. We were eager to help her celebrate yet another milestone. The best part about this Temple University commencement session was capturing Dena’s pure excitement and joy. 

Near the flowers Temple University Commencement Pondering near waterfall Temple University Commencement

Dena sitting on chair Temple University Commencement

Dena’s Career Choice Inspiration

Dena knew she wanted a career in the medical field at a fairly young age. Several of her relatives worked in the healthcare field and having an up-close and personal view of how they enjoyed their work is what ultimately inspired Dena. In high school, she volunteered at a nursing school to earn her graduation credits. While volunteering at the nursing home she started to learn more about the pharmaceutical aspect of the healthcare industry. 

After doing research, she decided she wanted to go to college to become a Pharmacist. With the help of her parents, Dena is so close to fulfilling her dreams. She earned her bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Science and completed her studies at Philadelphia Pharmacy School as well. 

Temple University Commencement  Session

Temple University is one of the leading educational institutions in Philadelphia known for its intense Pharmaceutical program. Dena worked hard for four years while maintaining a part-time job to earn her degree. Dena graduated at the top of her class earning a Pharmaceutical Science degree. 

Stylish happy grad Dena laying down shoes in the air Temple University Commencement Dena on campus Temple University Commencement Dena near her favorite flowers

Dena reached out to our team to photograph her on the day of her commencement ceremony. The photoshoot took place right on the Temple University campus on a beautiful Saturday afternoon right after the graduation ceremony ended.

Temple University Commencement happy graduate Dena sitting on steps Temple University Commencement Dena cap and gown happy Temple University Commencement Dena graduation photoshoot Temple University Commencement Front of School Mascot Temple University Commencement

 Dena looked absolutely stunning. During the first half of the session, we captured several visuals of Dena in her graduation gown. Her smiles and laughter were contagious as we photographed her showing off her Temple University tassel. She insisted on taking pictures near the waterfall display and the beautiful flower bed. 

Smiling with graduation hat Temple University Commencement Temple University Commencement

Our favorite visuals from this session were the frames where we snapped of Dena as she looked up at the camera while buried in the lush grass on campus. These shots were super creative and showcased her modeling abilities. During the second half of the session, Dena changed into her favorite casual outfits and we photographed her downtown Philly. 

Successful Dena at graduation Temple University Commencement College graduate downtown Philadelphia Temple University Commencement Dena happy in cap and gown Dena and red scarf Dena front of the gates downtown Philly Downtown Philly Temple University Commencement Dena At Temple University Dena downtown Philly

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Graduation from high school or college is a landmark life event. From sleepless nights completing research papers to meeting all the challenges faced with completing coursework, your successful students have worked hard for this moment. Proud parents can give themselves a pat on the back knowing that they did their best to ensure their child had a quality education. This is a beautiful moment that can be shared by the entire family. 

Rather than photographing this moment yourself why not designate this job to a skilled photographer who can capture every second of this special moment. Here at J&J Studios, we guarantee top-quality visuals. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. 



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