J&J Studios captures couple and Philadelphia skyline

The Best of 2021 – Introduction

It’s hard to believe with the Thanksgiving celebrations now past us that coming on fast and furious is the month of December and with it the end of 2021!  Where did the time go?!  The year has been chock full of activity for many people, and J&J Studios and owner John Ryan are no exception.  John Ryan is an award winning photographer, and one of Philadelphia’s most sort after photographers.  John and his team handle every important occasion imaginable – Engagements, Proposals, Weddings, Corporate Events, Bar/Bats Mitzvahs, Headshots, Christenings, Expecting Parents, Birthdays – basically, any event that is worthy of memorializing!  There is no limit to what occasion may warrant capturing the moment on film.  And there are so many wonderful setting within and around Philadelphia. But it still requires the eye of a seasoned and artistic photographer to make the most of that setting.  Let’s take a look at  some of the The Best of 2021 – J&J Studios Philadelphia.  You will see the warm interaction John Ryan and his team at J&J Studios have for the people they work with/  The rapport they build with each person is important in order to provide the trust and comfort level needed as they begin to do their magic – snapping a photo as just the right moment in order to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost.  Easier said than done! But the combination of experience, talent, and a genuine appreciation of the artistic form is what John Ryan and J&J Studios brings to the table.  Obviously there are too many photos to include here in one blog.  However, below you will see a few of some of the Best of 2021 taken by J&J Studios Philadelphia for you to see and judge for yourselves.

The Best of 2021 – J&J Studios Philadelphia: The Engagements

What a wonderful time when a loving couple make the decision to solidify their union by making a commitment to each other in the form of an engagement. It is a special time when any couple – young or old of any race/religion/ethnic back round/or sexual orientation – can pledge themselves to another for what hopefully will result in a lifetime commitment steeped in love and companionship. There’s an interesting story on how the tradition of engagements came about in Wikipedia that you may want to check out, along with how engagement rings came into play for this life event.  It really is lovely to see a couple, whoever they are and wherever they come from, finds themselves at the point in their relationship where they are ready to move forward and pledge themselves to each other.  There really is no timeline on when this will happen for each respective coupling.  It really amounts to the natural progression of teach individual relationship until a point is reached when both people involved feel the moment is right to make this very important move.

Let’s take a look as some of the special moments J&J Studios has captured as The Best of 2021.

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios Philadelphia - couple hugging in front of Batman emblem

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios Philadelphia - Couple in front of glass mosaic

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios Philadelphia - Evening shot of engaged couple

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios Philadelphia - Couple outdoors with bubbles

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios Philadelphia - Two men in outdoor setting

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studios - Philadelphia - Two men in front of fountain

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studio Philadelphia - two men hugging as couple

J&J studios captures couple with Philly background

Diamond Engagement Ring Close-up


J&J Studios Philadelphia - Couple at night

J&J Studios Philadelphia - Couple and their dog

The Best of 2021 - Couple kissing in bar

The Best of 2021 – J&J Studios Philadelphia: The Weddings

The definition of a couple has gone far beyond what some folks may consider the “traditional” union of a man and woman.  The rise of equality for members of the LGBTQ+ community now enables them to enjoy the joyous celebration of making a formal commitment to the special partner they will dedicate their lives to.  Weddings are indeed a special event on many levels.  It’s the gathering of friends and family who are special to the wedding couple.  The beauty of the wedding ceremony and celebration is partly because it can be a realization of the vision of the loving couple. It can consist of very joyous and elaborate pageantry, with all the bells and whistles one can imagine.  This can include beautiful wedding apparel, gorgeous flowers, fantastic music both at the ceremony and the reception, and a reception that includes opulent food and beverages and incredible scenic ambiance. However, on the other end of the spectrum the couple and their guests can bask in its simplicity – using someone’s home as a backdrop to a casual environment, with simple food and drinks and attire.  In either case, both of these approaches center on the same components – a loving couple, their chosen friends and family, and a reason to celebrate and memorialize a special moment in time.

While John Ryan of J&J Studios is not limited to taking wedding pictures, he has become one of the leading wedding photographers in and around Philadelphia. Below is just a snippet of the incredible and innovative work John and his team have created in The Best of 2021.

Bride & Groom in front of City Hall

Long shot of couple during wedding ceremony

Dramatic staircase for bride and groom

A bride and her bridesmaids

Wedding group traveling in bus

Wedding couple outdoors under arch in Philly

Stylized photo of groom in Philadelphia

Philly groom in outdoor setting

Elaborate table setting at wedding reception

Bright reception table setting

Sweeping vision of wedding reception area

Beautiful Wedding Cake on display

Wedding cake in casual reception

Wedding party on carousel


Best Philadelphia couple at the end of wedding reception

The Best of 2021 – J&J Studios Philadelphia: The Birthdays

We all know that as we get older, sometimes a birthday is not quite the celebration some of us may want to acknowledge!  However, it really is a time to celebrate the life of someone special – young or old!  Like any event, these celebrations can be elaborate or simple, depending on the tastes of the person acknowledging the passage of another year.  And like other events, it will usually include inviting people who have a special place in the life of the person celebrating.  This can be from a very few chosen individuals, to a room full to capacity of friends and family ready to party!

Let’s take a look at some of the special moments J&J Studios has captured as The Best of 2021.

Family photo of couple and baby

Festive birthday cake for baby

Multi-colored cake flavor

Young boy blowing out candles

The Best of 2021 – J&J Studios Philadelphia: Maternity/Gender Reveal/Newborn

The impending birth of a new life entering the world is truly special.  It is the miracle of life that remains miraculous and humbling all at the same time.  A couple that prepares many months in advance before the actual decision to bring a new life into the world. Once the decision is made, and a couple is ready to welcome the new addition into their family, what better time to capture the moments leading up to the big event, then gathering friends and family to share the news and the gender of their soon-to-be family member, and finally capturing the joy of the precious little bundle as they are welcomed into the world. It has become very popular in recent times to bring in friends and family early in the process and sharing what formerly was not known until the little bundle of joy was born – sharing the gender of the baby-to-be!  Gender reveal parties have become quite popular and is just one more celebration that is fun and wonderful to capture on film.

Lets take a look at some of the Best of 2021 in each of these joyous occasions.

The best of 2021 Philadelphia Maternity couple

Expectant Mom and sun flowers

Gender Reveal boy/girl

Cascade of confetti at gender revewal

Cute baby girl newborn in Philadelphia

The Best of 2021 – Portraits/Headshots/Specialty Photos

There are many occasions that don’t necessarily fit into one particular category.  There may be situations or needs for a specific photo to be captured that may not be tied or related to a special event.  This can range from general portrait pictures to business headshots to corporate events – you name it, anything happening where it has been determined there is a need to have a moment captured. This is particularly challenging to the photographer, as they need to bring the same insight, talent, and vision to a subject that does not necessarily bring an immediate or obvious moment that is appealing in a photograph. This justifies securing a seasoned photographer who is versed in many genres of events who can implement their talents to capture the best moments of any opportunity. It takes a special vision to provide the creativity needed to bring something special out of what may be deemed more mundane photo shoots. John Ryan and his team at J&J Studios brings a wealth of experience in making such moments possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best of 2021 – Portraits/Headshots/Specialty Photos

The Best of 2021 - J&J Studio girl in forest

The Best of 2021 - Philadelphia creative park photo

The best of 2021 - J&J studios capturing young girl twirling on dock

The best of 2021 - j&J studios capturing young woman in water

J&J studios capturing young woman on swing

J&J studios rocking with members of a band

J&J studios captures guitarist in black and white

J&J studios captures talented female singer

J&J studios captures the entire band

J&J studios captures part of corporate vent

J&J studios captures corporate event setting

JU studios captures helper at event

J&J studios at the gym

J&J studios captures kickoboxer

J&J studios visits an event demonstration

J&J studios captures food at event

J&J studios captures group photo

J&J studios captures young man portrait

J&J studios captures portrait of corporate man

J&J studios captures corporate headshot

J&J captures vacation setting

J&J studios captures young couple

J&J studios captures lighthouse

And now, the man himself – John Ryan, Photographer, and owner of J&J Studios Philadelphia

There’s an old saying – it’s good to put a name to a face, so it seemed natural to give end this blog with a picture of John Ryan. From his pictures you can see John is a very gifted photographer and has taken great pains to study photography in order to bring forward the vision he creates for each and every event he is brought on board to capture.  Are you interested in engaging John for an upcoming event?  Please go to the J&J Studios website and who knows, maybe you’ll be captured in one of the photos in the Best of 2022 – J&J Studios Philadelphia recap!

J&J studios owner John Ryan

John Ryan – Owner of J&J Studios