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If you’re someone who frequents our site often, you may remember one of our most recent articles. Its title is “Ghanaian Traditional Engagement Photographer.” (You can click on the title to read it. It is a direct link to that article.) Well, we’re welcoming Doris and Brad back to our site! J & J Studios also photographed their Estate at Florentine Gardens wedding. This event was much more similar to the traditional American wedding. But don’t worry – the couple included Ghanaian elements here, too! 

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The Wedding Venue – the Estate at Florentine Gardens

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Brad and Doris chose the Estate at Florentine Gardens as their wedding venue. The Estate sits on four acres of land. A Georgian-style mansion and acres of decorative landscaping make up the Estate. Outside, it also offers its guests a large patio, and features fountains and stone gazebos.

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Thomas Daidone purchased the land that would become the Estate at Florentine Gardens in 1989. After making his vision a reality, the Estate opened for business. It has continued hosting local couples for more than 30 years. Additionally, the venue has remained in the Daidone family. So, not only is it a local business, it’s also family-owned!

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Upon entering the mansion on the Estate at Florentine Gardens, visitors are welcomed by the sight of a glittering crystal chandelier, baby grand piano, stone fireplace, and a stately curved staircase. The Estate’s Cocktail Room has space to host up to 200 guests.

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The Estate at Florentine Gardens is the perfect wedding venue for couples with large guest lists. The Estate’s Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 360 guests. This breathtaking space has many appealing features. It features floor-to-ceiling windows, 25-foot-high ceilings, a mahogany fireplace, and ten-foot crystal chandeliers. 

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The Estate’s grandeur and beauty certainly draw in couples from the areas surrounding it. However, many couples decide to book it as their wedding venue for another important reason. The Estate at Florentine Gardens has a policy of only hosting one event per day. This helps ensure that its clients receive the best service available. The staff’s focus on one event, rather than stretching thin across many, makes this possible.

estate at florentine gardens wedding nj

Getting Ready – Doris

bride and bridesmaids getting ready estate at florentine gardens

bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses estate at florentine gardens

Doris’ bridesmaids wore matching dresses. This can be tricky, but luckily, Doris did a wonderful job choosing the color and style! Every bridesmaid looked gorgeous. The dresses’ form fitting silhouette and V-shaped neckline covered with matching lace and subtle sparkle proved universally flattering. The muted pink had a neutral undertone, which meant that the color was also pretty on each bridesmaid. 

bride reading note estate at florentine gardens

Brad wrote Doris a note to read before their wedding ceremony. She did the same for him. Both letters came in keepsake boxes decorated with pictures of the couple. They included a gift in the box, as well. We’re sure they’ll treasure both the letters and the boxes forever!

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Bridal Attire

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Doris looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day! Though her attire was quite different from what she wore at her Ghanaian traditional engagement ceremony, she looked as utterly beautiful as she did then.

mermaid wedding gown window

Doris chose a wedding gown with a mermaid silhouette. The dress’ slight sheen came from the mikado satin used to make it. This fabric is heavier and stiffer than chiffon or silk. Its heaviness and stiffness makes mikado satin ideal for use in structured dresses, as these features help a dress retain its shape. Because mikado satin does not rely on clinging to the body to hold its shape, it also helps to keep the wearer cool. With its subtle shine and quality feel, dresses made from mikado satin are perfect for brides who want to look dressy and luxurious on their wedding days. 

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Doris’ accessories were everything someone who loves sparkle and luxury could dream of! With her elegant and sleek dress, her beautiful accessories could really shine. This balance ensured that nothing she wore overwhelmed her. After all, it’s the bride herself guests want to see, not only her outfit!

bride wedding rings nj estate florentine gardens

Doris’ engagement ring and wedding band were just as classic and timeless as her exquisite wedding gown! With perfect diamonds set in white gold, they matched her other jewelry, as well as her hair accessory. Even Doris’ shoes had sparkles!

bridesmaid helping bride with shoes wedding nj jjstudiosphiladelphia

Doris completed her wedding attire with a luxe waterfall bouquet of white orchids. Orchids are undeniably beautiful and unique flowers. White orchids in particular have many symbolic meanings. For example, white orchids symbolize faith, elegance, and beauty, among other things.

white orchids wedding bouquet and bridal accessories

Getting Ready – Brad

groom and groomsmen football estate florentine gardens wedding groomsmen football estate florentine gardens wedding

Brad and his groomsmen enjoyed some leisure time before getting ready for the wedding ceremony. They threw a football around, which we’re sure wasn’t just fun. We’d bet it also helped quell some anxieties! Later, they also made use of the pool table in their prep space.

groom playing pool estate florentine gardens wedding

The groomsmen wore matching black three-piece tuxedos. Their bow ties matched Brad’s tuxedo jacket, which was a deep wine color. Brad’s tie was black, which in turn matched his groomsmen’s tuxedos. 

groom and groomsmen estate florentine gardens wedding gazebo

Lastly, the men shared a shot of alcohol. They toasted Brad and his future with his wife, Doris. A toast is a great way to celebrate both the groom and groomsmen’s friendship and the upcoming marriage before the ceremony. It can also be a place for groomsmen to express their feelings about and wishes for the groom. Done this way, they remove the pressure of all the wedding guests staring and listening while they speak.

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First Looks

There are two different types of first looks that tend to occur at weddings. Brides can choose one, or the other, or both. She also can choose not to have any first looks at all. The most common participants in a first look are the bride, her father, and/or her groom or future spouse. 

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A first look with the bride’s father typically takes place before her first look with her future spouse. Typically, these events also happen at separate times. Separating these first looks is a method of recognizing the different relationships a bride has with her parent and with her future partner. 

father of bride first look wedding photography jjstudios

First, Doris shared a first look with her father. His jaw literally dropped when he saw how utterly lovely his daughter looked! He quickly pulled her in for a hug. Doris’ smile was radiant!

bride and father of bride hug first look wedding estate florentine gardens nj

Later, Brad and Doris switched up the traditional method used in a first look. Instead of Brad waiting for Doris to show him herself, Doris waited for Brad to reveal himself. He tapped her shoulder to let her know he had arrived, and she spun to see him. When she saw him, somehow Doris’ smile was even bigger than it had been all day.

bride groom first look wedding day

Perhaps the most charming thing that happened before the wedding ceremony can be seen in the photo below. Like a prince or a true gentleman in a book or movie, Brad took Doris’ hand when she offered it to him. With her hand in his, he bent to kiss hers. It was every bit as magical as if it happened in a movie. But, happily, it was better than fiction – because it really happened!

groom kissing brides hand wedding first look

The Estate at Florentine Gardens Wedding Ceremony

groom and mother of groom wedding ceremony

Brad walked with his mother down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony. His groomsmen joined him, and then the bridesmaids entered, one by one. An adorable ring bearer was escorted down the aisle. He wore sunglasses, a fake earpiece, and a sheriff’s badge that read “ring security.” He held the rings in a case with a matching message in his hand. Brad gave him a hug once he’d handed off the ring case. 

ring bearer wedding ceremony outdoor estate florentine gardens

Finally, it was time for Doris to make her entrance. Escorted down the aisle by her father, she looked stunningly beautiful. It was clear that Brad was holding back tears as he watched her walk toward him.

bride and father of bride walking aisle outdoor wedding ceremony

groom watching bride walk aisle outdoor wedding ceremony jjstudios

Brad and Doris exchanged vows and rings. There were plenty of smiles on both their faces throughout the ceremony.

groom reading vows wedding ceremony bride reading vows wedding ceremony

ring exchange wedding ceremony

Finally, the celebrant declared Doris and Brad husband and wife! They shared a joyful kiss to seal the deal. Cheers erupted from the guests!

first kiss outdoor wedding ceremony estate florentine gardens

The Estate at Florentine Gardens Wedding Reception

estate florentine gardens wedding ballroom flowers jjstudiosphiladelphia

Doris and Brad’s wedding reception decorations were as sumptuous and pretty as you’d expect! Candles surrounded the blush and ivory flower arrangements, and the table accessories shone gold. 

bride family wedding reception ballroom mother of groom wedding reception ballroom

First, the families entered the Grand Ballroom – the bride’s, and then the groom’s. Next came the bridesmaids, who danced as they entered and stood on the dance floor. After that, the groomsmen rushed in, holding the football they’d played with earlier in the day. 

wedding reception entrance groomsmen fun groomsmen wedding reception entrance

Finally, Brad and Doris were introduced to the party as husband and wife. They joined their wedding party on the dance floor and had a ball!

bride and groom entrance wedding reception estate florentine gardens ballroom

ballroom wedding reception bride groom dancing bride groom dance entrance wedding party reception

After the introductions and entrances, the wedding party sat at their seats. Then, Doris and Brad shared their first dance as a married couple. A fog machine flooded the dance floor so that it looked like the newlyweds were dancing on a cloud. At the end of their dance, two columns of sparklers illuminated the ballroom!

bride groom first dance ballroom wedding reception fog machine

ballroom wedding reception bride groom first dance chandelier bride groom first dance wedding reception sparkler columns

Next, Doris danced with her father. But then, some of her other family members joined as well! It looked like fun.

bride and father dance wedding reception ballroom estate florentine gardens bride family dancing wedding reception ballroom

After that, Brad took to the dance floor. He and his mom shared their mother-son dance. We loved how her dress coordinated with the bridesmaids’!

groom and mother dance ballroom wedding reception

Near the end of the night, Doris and Brad changed into more traditional Ghanaian clothing. In rich shades of red, they once again entered dancing. They also looked fantastic!

traditional ghanaian wedding clothing ballroom reception dancing traditional ghanaian clothing wedding reception

When the couple cut their wedding cake, the sparklers lit up again! 

bride groom couple cutting wedding cake ballroom reception estate florentine gardens

Everyone on the dance floor brought their best dance moves! Brad and Doris’ guests sure know how to celebrate!

wedding guest breakdancing dance floor ballroom wedding reception fun dance floor wedding guest ballroom reception groom and bride dancing ballroom wedding reception bride and groom having fun dancing wedding reception bride and groom dancing wedding ballroom reception wedding guest couple dancing ballroom reception couple on dance floor wedding guests ballroom reception happy wedding guests estate florentine gardens jjstudiosphiladelphia guests dancing ballroom wedding reception happy fun wedding guests dancing ballroom reception

Lastly, Doris threw a bouquet. However, she did it from the Juliette balcony that looks over the Grand Ballroom!

bride bouquet toss wedding reception

Brad and Doris exited their wedding reception through a tunnel of sparklers. They looked every bit as joyful as they had all day. Even though it was a long day, it was certainly a wonderful one. 

bride groom wedding exit sparklers

Congratulations (again), Brad and Doris!

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J & J Studios was thrilled to see this lovely couple again! Doris and Brad, we want to reiterate our well-wishes for the future you will share with one another. Thank you for choosing J & J Studios to photograph your Estate at Florentine Gardens wedding! Congratulations, and many happy returns!

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