We all dream of that special moment when we finally make the ultimate commitment to the love of our life. An engagement isn’t a count down to the big wedding day. It’s a special time in a couple’s life that should be enjoyed. That’s why Amber and Matt reached out to J&J Studios. The couple wanted to celebrate their engagement with a beautiful creative photography spread. We were able to bring their Longwood Gardens engagement vision to life.

Us Forever

Sunset Happily Ever After Longwood Gardens

Engaged Couple Garden Walk

We Became Best Friends

Amber and Matt were somehow able to find love in this tumultuous world with the odds stacked against them.  If you ask both of them, they’ll tell you that finding love was the  furthest thing from their minds. ”We were both in a crazy space in life. When we first meant we were dealing our individual family issues and working on achieving our career goals”, Matt recalls. Both Amber and Matt agreed that they weren’t interested in being tied down by a relationship. But when the two were casually introduced through mutual friend’s party one night there was an instant connection. From there they developed a strong bond. ”We talked on the phone for hours about everything under the sun. We really became best friends first before anything else,” Amber said reflecting on when they began dating.

 Tearful Proposal

Matt wanted his proposal to be special and memorable for both of them. He planned a surprise dinner party at one of their favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. When they arrived at the restaurant her family was waiting, including her father who had flown in from another state. Amber cried tears of joy when Matt got down on his knee and finally popped the big question. Having her family’s support meant everything to Matt because he knew that Amber had a close relationship with her family.

Longwood Gardens Engagement

The Longwood Gardens is a celebrated collection of botanical gardens in Philadelphia. This premier horticultural display spans over 1,000 acres filled with more than a thousand plant varieties. Longwood Gardens is made up of twenty indoor gardens, twenty outdoor gardens. This was the perfect location for Matt and Amber’s engagement photoshoot. 

Tulip Garden Kiss at Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens KissProposal Longwood Gardens Engagement

Engaged Couple Stolen KissIntimate Sunset Kiss

The Longwood Gardens is a sentimental place for the engaged couple. It’s one of their favorite spots to visit throughout the year which is why they chose this location for their engagement photoshoot.  We wanted to create an  epic engagement photo using the forest of trees and the breath-taking clear deep blue skies as props.

Nature Walk at Longwood GardensRomantic Kiss In the GardensIntimate Moment During Engagement ShootMatt and Amber Kiss Amongst the Forest TreeHug in Botanical Garden

 We had the beautiful couple walk throughout the botanical gardens as they normally would have and captured some of they’re most intimate moments. We creatively enveloped Matt and Amber around the exquisite colorful flower varieties for the perfect romantic nature inspired shots. 

Rest During Romantic Nature WalkKisses Fiancé HandGazing Into Each Eyes Amongst SunflowerHappy Engaged Couple Longwoods Gardens EngagementFlower Bomb Longwood Engagement Shoot

Waterfall KissAmber Sits on Matt Lap at Longwood Engagement Session

J&J Studios for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Now that you’re engaged it’s time to commemorate the special occasion with a romantic photoshoot. Here at J&J Studios we aren’t just your average photographers. We can help you come up with a creative theme for unforgettable engagement photos that you can share with your family and friends. This is the perfect opportunity to see the magic we can create before the wedding. Contact us right away to discuss the details of your engagement session. 


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