A simple guide to getting the classiest GQ looking photos of your getting ready.  And the hilarious moments in-between.


Gather all your accessories: watch, cufflinks, sunglasses, etc and put them in a pile so they can be photographed first. We don’t need to take pictures of you in your boxers.  Your getting ready photos of you will begin as soon as you put your dress shirt on.


When you start to put your dress clothes on, getting ready near a large window is best. This will produce the best light.


Nice clean backgrounds look best. It’s important to remove clutter from that area of the room.


If the room where you get ready is dark, small, or too messy, often we will have you get ready outdoors and button your jacket or adjust your cufflinks outside to produce more flattering pictures. If you know this is the case be sure to let your photographer know your room status so we can transition you outside for 5-10 minutes of groom portraits while getting ready.


If all the groomsmen are ready early (hint hint), this is a great time to go get some portraits of the groomsmen just having fun and, well, you know, being guys. We found a simple brick wall outside this couple’s hotel and had a twerkoff.


As you know, boys will be boys; having a 2nd photographer documenting the groomsmen’s adventures before the ceremony will leave you with hilarious images to treasure and laugh about for ever.


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