When the music stops, the dress has been stored away and your guests have gone back to their own lives all that will remain are the wedding photos to relive every moment of your big day. Yes, your wedding photographs will be one of your most cherished and valued keepsakes out of all your possessions. Your heart will be filled with warmth and joy as you share them with your loved ones, you’ll show them with your future children and grandchildren as you reminisce on your wedding. Choosing the right wedding photographer to capture every poignant moment of the ceremony and wedding is imperative.

Hiring a professional photographer is often viewed as a luxury especially when you’re planning a wedding on a limited budget. However, wedding photos will take you on an emotional journey capturing every special moment with the people you love the most. Booking a wedding photographer is a necessity and it’s crucial that you entrust this task with a skilled photographer who understands your creative vision for your wedding.

Of course, there are so many amazing photographers out there. But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right photographer for your upcoming nuptials? Check out these tips for selecting the best Philadelphia wedding photographer.

1. Figure Out Your Vision for Your Wedding Photography

Before you begin hunting for photographers you should spend some time researching different styles of photography so that you can get a sense of how you want your wedding visuals to look. Perhaps you’re interested in dark and atmospheric creative concepts that provide a dramatic feel. Or maybe you prefer visuals that are bright and feature lots of vibrant and saturated colors for a dreamy and romantic vibe. Once you’re sure about how you want your wedding photos to look you should find a photographer that’s capable of producing this type of aesthetic. When you have a creative vision in mind this can help you significantly narrow down your search.

2. Check Out The Wedding Photographer’s Entire  Portfolio

Found a wedding photographer that you’re interested in? Before you make a commitment you should request to see the photographer’s full portfolio on weddings they have shot. People tend to make the mistake of relying on pictures that photographers post on social media or their personal websites. This can be misleading because they only curate the best photos from their collection. Instead, ask to see images from different weddings they’ve shot from start to finish so you can truly gauge the quality of their work. Just think, it’s easy to paint a false picture by editing a couple of dozen pictures out of hundreds of images and make them look appealing. When you view all the pictures taken from each event you’ll be able to determine whether a photographer is capable of producing the type of visuals you desire.

3. Consider how the wedding photographer captures details

. From the first dance, the drunken speeches, and even the design of the venue you’ll want a photographer who knows how to capture every special moment and all of the important details. Weddings are always packed with so much action and it’s fun to look through the pictures from that day and catch things that you didn’t even know happen. The best wedding photographers have an innate ability for getting the right moments and details camera. Naturally, you’ll want snapshots of the ceremony but there’s nothing better than looking at the images that showcase the most intimate moments between you and your partner, or those funny photos of your guests on the dance floor and you can’t forget the images of the small details such as the place cards on the table or the flower arrangements.

4. Find Out Exactly Who Will Be Shooting Your Wedding

You’ll find that some of the larger studios have a team of photographers that they have shot for different projects. Even single person operations may work along with an assistant or partner that will help them produce visuals for events. Whatever the case maybe it’s important that you find out exactly who will be working your wedding that way you can view that specific photographer’s work.

5. Choose A Photographer That Represents Your Personal Style

Are you a sophisticated couple who appreciates the finer things and loves editorial photos? Then you’ll want to select a photographer that produces this type of work. If you are a fun couple who doesn’t take life seriously then you should opt for a photographer that gives off the same energy. You don’t have to settle for an average wedding photographer. Never compromise on you and your mate’s personal style. After all, this is your special day!

6. Book A “Test Run” Session

If you have found a photographer that you would like to use for your wedding consider booking a “test run” session. An engagement photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to develop a relationship with your photographer. Also, you’ll be able to see firsthand their photography skills and whether they can capture the type of visuals that you have your heart set on for your big day. This session can very well determine whether you’ve chosen the right person for the job.

7. Consider the Venue When Selecting A Photographer

It’s best to hire a photographer after you have already secured the venue for your wedding. Depending on the venue you’ll want to be even more particular about the photographer you hire. If your wedding venue uses a dark ambient lighting scheme then you’ll need to hire a wedding photographer that has experience capturing high-quality images in this type of venue. Taking pictures in a candlelit room can be tricky even for an experienced photographer. The last thing you want is dark and grainy wedding reception photos. If you can opt for a photographer who has previously shot at your specific wedding g venue. If that’s not an option, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you view full sets of photos from several weddings that your photographer has taken.

8. Ability To Take Control

Having a photographer who is able to take control when necessary and can provide valuable input on the creative direction you should take for your wedding visuals can make your day go so much smoother. Your wedding photographer should understand that certain groups of people such as the bridal party or the parents of the bride and groom, should be in one image together. Their ability to take the initiative in getting these important shots without making things seem forced or awkward sets them apart from other photographers.

Whether it’s suggesting poses or finding the best locations around the venue to take photos a good photographer will help seek out the best opportunities to capture beautiful photos.


9.Ask The Important Questions

No doubt, there are so many questions that you may have before making your final decision. You should ask questions that will yield the most insight. Some important questions you should ask a photographer that is typically overlooked include:

What is your approach to taking the best wedding day photographs? – Does he or she prefer to get up close and personal when taking pictures or are they discrete? How your photographer goes about capturing pictures can very well determine your experience on your wedding day.

Who owns the rights to the photos taken? The legal elements surrounding wedding photos matter and you’ll want to make sure they benefit both you and the photographer before signing any paperwork.

What is your timeline for editing and delivering the final photos? After the bride and groom’s grand exit the photographer’s work is far from over. Understanding the photographer’s post-production process can prevent any misunderstandings.

10. Make Sure Their Fee Is Within Your Budget

Last, but certainly, not least you’ll need to consider the cost of hiring the wedding photographer. Beautiful wedding photos are worth the investment however you don’t want to break the bank or spend the majority of the budget for your wedding on the photographer. On the other hand, taking the cheap route can backfire. Find out the photographer’s fee structure as soon as possible. Some photographers have an hourly rate while others charge a flat fee. Depending on the studio or photographers that fee may include; albums, prints, or high-resolution images that are saved on a disc.

Make sure you fully understand what’s included when you book the photographer. Request a breakdown of what’s included in the price you were quoted.

J&J Studios The Top Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Searching for an experienced wedding photographer to document your nuptials? Here at J&J Studios, our reputable team can help you bring your vision to life. Here are some of our most memorable wedding experiences:

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Our team can help you commemorate your wedding the right way! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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