From the first day of their freshman year, almost every high school student eagerly awaits the day that they will walk the stage and graduate. High school graduation is, for many, both a major accomplishment and the marker of the beginning of adulthood. After completing over a dozen years of schooling, high school graduates deserve a celebration! 

J&J Studios was lucky enough to capture the joyful and empowering feeling of graduating high school during a beautiful evening styled senior session with Wilmery Rodriguez. 

Meet Wilmery

Meet Wilmery! Wilmery would describe herself as an outgoing person, and that personality trait is easy to see in her styled senior shoot photos. She also describes herself as a person with a big heart who loves to help others. As a student, she excels at critical thinking, but that can sometimes mean that she can take too much time perfecting assignments. Her favorite extracurricular activity is softball, which means a lot to her. Her heroes are her parents. She’s considering attending Penn State University Abington in the future – go Nittany Lions! 

senior portrait

Going Places (in more ways than one)

Wilmery is not only an accomplished high school graduate, she is also a business owner. She began a makeup and desserts business while attending high school, of which she is rightly proud. To view her businesses, check her out on Instagram: @glammxmery for her makeup business and @rodriguezcreations_ for her desserts business.

When asked about where she sees herself ten years in the future, Wilmery said, “I see myself being very successful and accomplishing all the goals I have planned.” One of her goals is to travel the world! We can’t wait to see where she ends up.

Looking Cool on Camera

Wilmery chose outfits that all coordinated with one another. Each outfit had an element that was red, whether it was her boots, her dress, or her lipstick. This gave the whole of the shoot a sense of cohesion, even though the lighting and settings changed dramatically. This color choice also helped Wilmery stand out from the background. Red is an awesome color to choose for a styled shoot during such an empowering time of life – it’s a color of luck, power, and passion. 

Wilmery’s confidence in herself is clear in the photos from her styled session. In multiple outfits that showcase her roles as a student, a business owner, and a young woman, she struts toward the camera and easily strikes poses. With J&J Studios’ help, you too can look as cool, collected, and confident as Wilmery! We work with you to break the ice so that you appear as yourself – true to you and confident.

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Contact J&J Studios today to discuss having your own styled senior photo shoot. We can discuss when, where, and what to do so that you appear at your best. These life accomplishments are important – so capture them so you can treasure them forever!

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