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Many parents can find it difficult to remember to take pictures of their growing children. Another issue they may run into is the fact that as kids become more mobile, they become harder and harder to photograph. They’re busy – playing and learning and practicing motor skills! Still, taking photos of your family throughout your life together is important to many people. It’s a way of preserving memories and documenting your family’s life. So, instead, trust some experts to do the important work of photographing your family for you. J & J Studios is currently offering baby mini sessions! 

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A Few Uses for Winter/Christmas Baby Mini Session Photos

Besides the obvious – displaying the photos proudly – a plethora of other uses for baby mini sessions photos exist, as well. We’ve listed a few of them below. 

milk bath autumn baby mini sessions photographer photography


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For example, you could use your J & J Studios photos for scrapbooking. Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to preserve important memories and milestones. They incorporate both photos and written entries. Plus, you can get really creative with them. Try using stickers, stencils, stamps, or other decor options! 

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The best thing about scrapbooks is that they become family heirlooms. They’re precious heirlooms, too, because they are something that a family member has physically worked on and actually touched. Scrapbooks can be a way to tie the past and those we’ve lost with the present and those who have entered a family.

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Another way to use your baby mini sessions photos is to give them as gifts. Simply find a quality frame or other method of presenting a photo and place one inside. Because most frames are rectangular, they’re pretty easy to wrap in traditional paper. You could make an even bigger gift by choosing a digital or a collage photo frame. That way, you can use more than one photo in your gift!

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Holiday Greeting Cards

The last example we’ll provide in this article is to use your photos in a holiday card. Though many people no longer send out holiday greeting cards, they’re still surprisingly popular. It’s an excellent idea to use your autumn baby mini sessions photos from J & J Studios in the design of your holiday greeting cards. People love to receive mail. So often the mail we receive is only advertisements or bills. Why not brighten your loved ones’ day by sending something lovely? 

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A physical greeting card with photos of your family is also a wonderful way to keep anyone who doesn’t use social media in the loop. Anyone you send a card to can use the photos for anything – such as for decoration, or scrapbooks, or more!

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If you’re interested in an autumn baby mini session, you can contact us using this link. J & J Studios has done tons of family and baby photography sessions over our many years in business. So, you won’t have to worry – we’re pros with kids! We’d love to learn more about your family and your vision for autumn baby mini sessions.


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