Pregnancy is a magical time for both partners in a relationship. There is an aura of expectation, hope, and optimism for the future around both members of a couple. This time of life ends with a beginning: the great joy of bringing a new life into the world. It’s similar to the narrative of a fairytale you’d find in a storybook. This Wissahickon Creek maternity shoot is the stuff of fairytale dreams.

autumn forest maternity shoot

Harini and Harish chose to document the magical time of life known as pregnancy with an autumn forest maternity photo shoot near Wissahickon Creek. Harini dressed in long, flowy skirts and a flower crown and belt. Taken in the golden-leaved woods, accompanied by Prince Charming Harish, this maternity shoot definitely gives us Enchanted Forest vibes!

loving couple maternity shoot autumn forest maternity photo shoot

How cute are these tiny pink baby booties? Just think of the itty-bitty feet that will fill them! We really love the message on these booties: “Dream big, little one.” 

couple holding baby booties

You can see just how teeny these booties are when they’re next to Mom and Dad’s shoes!

baby and parents shoes maternity

With the vines on the stone and the tree behind it where Harini is sitting, coupled with her flower crown and long hair and skirt, we can’t help but think of an elven princess when we look at this maternity photo of Harini.

autumn forest maternity photography shoot

We love seeing how ecstatic Harish is about his future daughter! He couldn’t stop himself from literally jumping for joy. 

man jump for joy dad

To add to the enchantment of the forest scene they chose for their maternity shoot, Harini and Harish released pink powder into the air, to signify the fact that their baby is a girl! The pink clouds adds a dreamy quality to the already magical photos from this Wissahickon Creek maternity shoot. 

autumn forest maternity creek

Harini tenderly showed her love for Harish as she wiped the pink dust from his clothes and face.

love husband and wife

It’s obvious how much Harish adores the two women in his family of three. Look how loving he is with his wife as he holds her, and the way he kisses her belly, which is the current home of their daughter!

man kissing wife's belly

We think the effect of the leaves falling around Harish and Harini is lovely and magical. 

autumn forest maternity leaves photo

Harish was still so excited that he couldn’t keep himself from jumping for joy again as he and Harini walked on a path through the forest near Wissahickon Creek.

man jumping for joy

This couple and their love for each other and their daughter were wonderful things to be able to capture in this maternity photography session. Their love is truly the real-life manifestation of a fairytale. J & J Studios is honored to have captured such a beautiful maternity photo shoot.

walking autumn forest maternity shoot

“And then there were three” is an excellent alternative to the traditional storybook ending line. However, we still hope that these three live happily ever after, too! 

autumn forest maternity photo

If you are expecting a new edition to your own family, we’d love to be the ones to document your pregnancy in your own maternity shoot! If you have any ideas for maternity shoot themes, we’d also love to make those a reality for you. Contact J & J Studios today!


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