Wissahickon Park in PA for an engagement session

When Lauren and Joe told us they wanted to be photographed at Wissahickon Park for their engagement session we were giddy with excitement. We did an engagement session there last year and were looking for a chance to go back!  Wissahickon Valley Park is approximately seven square miles of trails and wilderness along the Wissahickon Creek before it merges with the Schuylkill River.  During a brisk October morning, Lauren and Joe met up with us to take pictures in the park, along the water and at the historic Thomas Mill Covered Bridge, the only covered bridge remaining in a major US city.

Thomas Mill Covered Bridge engagement

Using off-camera flash, we were able to make a moody partial silhouette, even in the midday sun:

Thomas Mill Bridge silhouette engagement photo

With so much to explore, there were really limitless possibilities for photography.  Lauren and Joe were so patient while we clamored up and down embankments, crawled in the mud and scurried around thick brush looking for the perfect shots.

couple kiss along ivy wall wissahickon park fall engagement shoot at wissahickon park couple on wissahickon creek bank blue sky fall weather couple kissing in stone arch bridge

Nearby we found a historic 18th-century house and took some portraits using foliage to frame the couple.

couple posing in front of old stone house couple posing in front of old stone house

Wissahickon Valley Park Couples Portraits

couple sitting indian style fall engagement couple standing in middle of wissahickon creek engaged couple under thomas mill covered bridge couple kissing next to creek engaged couple cuddling engaged couple in park Wissahickon Park Engagement

engaged couple bride balanced on log groom gives bride piggyback Wissahickon Park Engagement

Wissahickon Park Engagement Session Tips

  1. Bug spray is a must.
  2. Bring comfortable walking shoes that can get muddy.
  3. The less you have to carry, the better.  Some locations can be a 15-20 min hike to get to (the covered bridge for example).
  4. Bring a bottle of water.
  5. Bring a change of clothes, a towel for your car if you plan to get into the water.
  6. Bring a backpack for any wardrobe change.
  7. Depending on the season, temperatures, especially in the water, will be less than ideal. You have been warned.
  8. Try to relax and have fun, a shot or two before the session won’t hurt.
  9. Bee/Insect allergy?  Bring the epi-pen.
  10. Hiking can be difficult and some locations are not readily accessible. If you have breathing issues, bring all appropriate medications/inhalers.

Planning your own Wissahickon Park Engagement SessionContact John Ryan to schedule your date.


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