Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Best Philadelphia Corporate Branding Photography

Def: capture people doing what they do in the best light possible.

Corporate Branding Photography by J&J Studios is photography aimed at creating a unique voice, feel, and culture for the discerning corporate client in the greater Philadelphia area. Corporate photography is different from other forms of photography in that it seeks to glorify and communicate the best aspects of a business–in essence–to be the face of the business.  Any distracting elements are removed strategically to put the best face of the business forward. The essence of corporate branding photography by J&J Studios is “capturing people doing what they do in the best light possible.”

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is done over the phone or in person. We gather information about your business and discuss how you want the images to portray your business. Do you want pictures to portray trust, justice, and the gravity of a judicial firm?  We have you covered.  Do you want to look fun, flirty and carefree.  We can do that too.  What product are you selling?  Are you selling yourself or are you trying to sell a particular product?  This will influence the emphasis we place on the items we photograph.  Will you require models to showcase your products?  Will you need hair and make up artists?  We can provide all of these through our partners in the modeling agency and hair/make up industries.  What is the end goal?  Where will the images be used?  What is the color scheme of your website so the images can compliment the colors of your site? Do you need in studio photography or on location or both? All these things and more go into the initial consultation.

Step 2: Image List

After your initial consult, we send you a recommended image list based on our consultation of images we see as important for your brand. You are welcome to add any images that you desire to this working list. For example, if you have a fleet of vans and are a delivery company, we would want to arrange to have them parked strategically with a pleasing background so we can photograph them from the ground and air with our aerial drones. Do you have a factory like this?

If so, we definitely want to arrange a day for us to come in and photograph it.  We might need to arrange to have a cherry picker available on that day so we can access the optimal vantage points to photograph your facility. Or, do you specialize in sowing and embroidery?  If so, the shoot needs to be scheduled so you can have one of your sowing technicians available to work the machines.

As such, the image list is an essential ingredient to the corporate branding shoot as it allows us to begin gathering all the personnel needed to execute the shoot.

Step 3: The Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we arrive promptly at the scheduled time and begin going through the image list, checking items off as they are captured. We show up with professional grade studio lighting and cameras that will look great printed any size. Our high resolution cameras will be able to handle large scale printing for posters, billboards, graphic designer firms, ad campaign managers and the like.

Step 4: Post production

After the shoot, the images are culled and edited keeping in mind the theme, emotion and essence the corporate brand is trying to communicate. Photos are individually retouched and displayed in a private online gallery for our clients to view and download in high resolution.

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